Welcome to 31 Days of Home. On Purpose.

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Day 2: What’s the Purpose?

Day 3: What No One Ever Says

Day 4: It’s Not About The Stuff

 Day 5: The Beauty That Is

Day 6: One Word You Don’t Want

Day 7: Collections

Day 8: Nobody’s Dream Job

Day 9: Question Everything

Day 10: Awake

Day 11: Progression of Thought

Day 12: Taking Back the House

Day 13: Well-Planned Hoarding

Day 14: Picnic Tables: They’re Not Just for Rich People Anymore

Day 15: I Thought You Were Rich If…

Day 16: Home, Purposefully

Day 17: Home, Purposefully, Part 2

Day 18: Good Stuff, Not Just Because It’s Pink

Day 19: Too Much and Not Enough

Day 20: White Space

Day 21: I Like to Move It

Day 22: I”m Having a Big Sale, Won’t You Come

Day 23: What’s On Your List?

Day 24: Less

Day 25: It’s Not What You Think

Day 26: The Myth of the Next House

Day 27 & 28:  No Ruby Slippers Required

Day 29 Thoughts on Home & The Creatives Who’ve Helped Me

Day 30 What I Have

Day 31 Days…How Was It?


This summer I thought about our home, what I write here, and what the purpose of a home truly is.  I thought about my habits and my pull to creativity.  I thought about how that all fits together. And I want to write about it and hear your thoughts.

Let’s talk about the purpose of our homes & being purposeful in our homes.

We’ll talk about home making and decorating and Stuff and nurturing families and money and creativity.

I’m calling this 31 Day Series::

I hope you’ll join me on this journey.  I hope you’ll check out the other 31 Dayers too!