via Lindsey

On our way home from the Allume Conference, I was browsing around the #allume hashtag on instagram and saw this picture from Lindsey.  With this caption:

I thought of this photo the entire way home.  I think it’s so beautiful and homey with its Angry Bird pumpkin and still-blooming-in-the-fall-hydrangea and the nandina that’s about to turn, and the light on that you can see through the storm door and the crack in the sidewalk that adds nothing but pure character.  Such a perfectly inviting picture of home.

Lindsey’s attitude reminded me to check my own thoughts as I walk back into the stacks of books and bills and mismatched socks and what?…missing 31 Day posts?!  She reminded me to choose to see the welcoming parts of my home instead of the parts that sometimes wear me out.

Home.  There really is no place like it.