I’m a decorative pillow-aholic.

I love a great pillow.  Some women spend their extra money on shoes, I want decorative pillows.  And lamps.  And iced coffees.

But the scales fell off my eyes this summer and I saw our bedroom as if for the first time.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m no neat freak.  Some people who I’m married to even call me messy.  In my defense, I wake up about two hours earlier than my husband, I’m an early bird, so coming back upstairs just to make the bed never crosses my mind. But one morning I walked back up to our room to grab something and I noticed it.  I’m a self-proclaimed messy bed promoter.  I’m okay with not making up the bed. BUT.  Our room always looked messy because it almost always had SIX decorative pillows on the chairs and the floor.

Why am I doing that to myself?  The bed looks pretty good to me, even when it’s unmade.  I’m a girl who appreciates an unmade bed and its come hither call.  But those pillows all over the floor made the room look downright unkempt.

So I packed up the pillows to see if I could deal with life without them.

Here’s the room a few days later.   Yeah, it wouldn’t kill me to tidy up the bed but that’s not the point.  The point is, I know myself.  And most likely I’m not going to be making our bed every day.  But the room is so much more inviting without a bunch of pillows on the floor.  And I feel like less of a bad wife for not tidying up the room. WIN!

Packing up those extra pillows was so freeing to me.  I’d rather them find a good home where someone can enjoy them. And over the past few months I’ve wandered the house looking for other things that I’m not really using to their full potential.


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