I Thought You Were Rich If…


After I mentioned how growing up, I thought only rich people had picnic tables, a few of you left comments with what you thought was only for the rich:


“I love that you associate picnic tables with rich people! For me, it’s honeydew melon. When I was a little girl, I even called it rich people melon.” —Christen


“…kitchen islands & wall ovens. as a child, i only saw these in movies, so i REALLY thought they were only for the rich. and a kitchen with TWO ovens–those people must be over-the-top wealthy”  —Von


“In my 14-year-old mind, a second refrigerator in the garage was “rich”. One of my aunt’s had one, and I thought it was the very height of luxury. Looking back, I”m not sure if it was the actual refrigerator or the fact that it was mostly filled with Cokes and other beverages that made it seem so luxurious! All I know is, we have one in our basement now (stuffed with Cokes, Red Bull, beer and Frappuccinos!), and it makes me feel like a Queen!” —Tammy


I absolutely LOVED these comments and thought it would be fun to read more (because I am selfish and love to be entertained–entertain me dear readers!).  I also love the sense of innocence, perspecitve and thankfulness that remembering what impressed us as children (and teenagers) can bring. It’s fun to look back at what we used to see as special and now might see as ordinary.  It makes me wonder how my boys will answer this question one day.

Ok what’s your answer?

When I was younger I thought you were rich if…




  1. I thought people who lived in brick houses were rich compared to those of us in houses with vinyl siding.

  2. When my parents were dating, my mom thought my dad was rich because he had $1000 in his bank account.

  3. Convertibles! If you drove a convertible car you were definitely rich. Also eating at Red Lobster. I thought that was such a treat as a kid and felt like we were rich the few times a year we got to eat there!

  4. When I was younger, like Von, I too thought people with big kitchens that have an island were definitely rich. I also thought people with matching furniture sets were rich since growing up my house was a collection of hand me down furniture. The only piece my parents still have is their bedroom dresser which is solid wood and has grown on me.

  5. Growing up, I had friends that seemed rich. They had a family room, where they kept the TV, complete with old, comfy couches and chairs, and a lovely living room, filled with matched furniture, that no one was allowed to sit on. As a matter of fact, we children were not even allowed to enter. It seemed so impressive as a child!

  6. Ha! As a kid, I thought people who lived in two story homes were rich.

  7. I thought you were rich if you had a landscaped yard. When I was a young girl, kids still played on the front lawns and few people even had grass much less a manicured lawn complete with fountains, yard art, and edging. If you had Christmas lights that completely outlined your roof that meant you were really rich! We had a single strand in a single window and oohed and awed over it for days. :) Now, I think I am rich because no one else I know has a huge, 13″, iron skillet like I do. : )

  8. I grew up with DiY-er parents, so I always thought that families that bought their furniture, artworks and soft furnishings were rich! Now looking back I learnt to do so much for myself and don’t have to buy totally new pieces every time I want (*cough* need!) to update the look of a room. ;p

  9. Grandfather clocks! My Aunt and Uncle had one and that to me was “rich”!

  10. I thought people who lived in homes with stairs and carpets were very rich! I guess it’s being a kid and always wondering if what other people have is better than what you have – LOL – because I didn’t appreciate our beautiful hardwood floors or spacious ranch (one story) house. And today, I’d actually prefer both hard floors and NO stairs! Go figure!

  11. Anonymous says

    Refrigerators with ice makers. My aunt had one and I was in awe. Today when I get a glass of ice for a cold drink I feel so indulgent :) Also matching towels, we always had a hodge podge, so a set of towels seemed very elegant to me.

  12. Drapes. I thought only rich people had drapes. We deff didn’t. Just crappy blinds. Also… chandeliers… those were for rich people…

  13. I thought you were rich: If you owned a chandelier & a white sheepskin rug. played classical music & had cocktail parties. Ohhhh & a small white fluffy dog.

  14. Melanie Sanders says

    You don’t have to be to rich if you owned a chandelier & a white skine rug . Played classical music & had cocktail parties. And a small dog. Its easy to explain the chandelier came with the house. The rug was a gift I will always find a reason to PARTY.and yes I do have a dog

  15. I’m an old English teacher

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