After I mentioned how growing up, I thought only rich people had picnic tables, a few of you left comments with what you thought was only for the rich:


“I love that you associate picnic tables with rich people! For me, it’s honeydew melon. When I was a little girl, I even called it rich people melon.” —Christen


“…kitchen islands & wall ovens. as a child, i only saw these in movies, so i REALLY thought they were only for the rich. and a kitchen with TWO ovens–those people must be over-the-top wealthy”  —Von


“In my 14-year-old mind, a second refrigerator in the garage was “rich”. One of my aunt’s had one, and I thought it was the very height of luxury. Looking back, I”m not sure if it was the actual refrigerator or the fact that it was mostly filled with Cokes and other beverages that made it seem so luxurious! All I know is, we have one in our basement now (stuffed with Cokes, Red Bull, beer and Frappuccinos!), and it makes me feel like a Queen!” —Tammy


I absolutely LOVED these comments and thought it would be fun to read more (because I am selfish and love to be entertained–entertain me dear readers!).  I also love the sense of innocence, perspecitve and thankfulness that remembering what impressed us as children (and teenagers) can bring. It’s fun to look back at what we used to see as special and now might see as ordinary.  It makes me wonder how my boys will answer this question one day.

Ok what’s your answer?

When I was younger I thought you were rich if…