this contest is closed winner announced here, but the first minute of November 1st we’ll have a fresh giveaway where one person will win over $1450 in prizes.

I hope I never stop learning and changing how I think, especially when it comes to our home.  I wanted to share with you six women–creatives, who have really helped shape how I think about home.

Tsh Oxenreider @Simple Mom and her book Organized Simplicity has challenged me to evaluate what and why I have certain items in my home.

Ann Voskamp @A Holy Experience and her book One Thousand Gifts taught me the art of thankfulness, contentment and how to learn to live slow.

Jen Hatmaker and her book 7 reminds me to consider excess, stuff and being purposeful.

Emily Freeman (my baby sister) @Chatting at the Sky and her book Grace for the Good Girl (& really just her whole life) shows us that we don’t have to pretend to be perfect.

Sandy Coughlin @The Reluctant Entertainer and her book The Reluctant Entertainer encouraged me to use our home as a place of connection, right now.

Lisa Leonard : everything about her bleeds creativity.  From her jewelry here and here, to her instagram and even what she wears.  Lisa’s life dares me to take that risk and create.

I’m giving away all of these books signed by the author (all but Jen’s she’s the only one I don’t know in real life and she so wanted to send me a signed book and I was going to remind her but after watching her schedule online and on her blog, I simply couldn’t bring myself to remind her to do one more thing, her book is just as powerful signature or no signature).  But Tsh, Ann, Emily, Sandy and Lisa are all dear friends. Emily and Tsh both signed this copy while visiting my house, Ann signed the copy at the beach back in September and special thanks to Sandy who signed and shipped a book to me from the west coast!

One winner will get all of these books and the necklace along with some special little gifts from my home.  I’m looking forward to packaging it up all cute and shipping it out to the winner, usually giveaways here are hosted by a third-party so I don’t get to put my hands on the actual prize.  But this one is straight from the nest and from these inspiring women and me to you.

Is there a book or movie or anything that has helped shape your thinking about home?  I’d love to read about it in the comments!  Your comment will count as your entry, even if you don’t have an answer to the question, just leave a comment to enter to win.

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