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Hello.  Nice to meet you!

What do I do?  Oh, I’m a Stuff Manager.

Gosh, no, I don’t really like it but, isn’t that what everyone does?

My daily routine involves looking through my stuff, putting stuff away, organizing stuff, feeling guilty because I haven’t organized other stuff, fussing at my kids because their stuff isn’t put away, wading through misplaced stuff in our garage, piling up stuff I’m tired of so we can sell it, packing away stuff I’m really tired of to give it away, asking my husband where he put his stuff, sorting, washing, and drying our stuff, and then dreaming about more stuff that I want and the bigger house I “need” because my precious stuff won’t fit in our current house–I guess it’s too small.

I never planned on being a stuff manager, it just kind of happened and now that’s my job.  Oh, gosh no, I don’t get paid for it.  I just do it because I think I have no other choice.  I have a whole other job that I get paid for and I use most of that money to buy more stuff.  I’m training my kids to be stuff managers too.

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

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And I’m not writing alone, there are over 1200 people joining in writing on their own unique series over the next 31 days.


  1. i LOVE this post. i linked to it today and really i could in good conscience link to you everyday and say, ‘yeah, what she said.’ i dearly love you and am praying that real soon we’ll get that chance to sit for a long stretch of time in front of my outdoor fireplace with some good coffee and ponder the meaning of it all. on a sad note, i’m a bed maker. it may be the only reason i’d say we weren’t separated at birth. otherwise, souls sisters, you and i.

  2. Hehe, thanks for helping me to laugh at myself. I think I need to manage some stuff all the way to D.I. or Goodwill.

  3. I had to share this on facebook and have received so many responses – this is very funny! Thank you for making ALL OF US laugh!

  4. Oh my gosh I LOVE this post. Never a statement has been so accurate of what I do everyday, nonstop, all day long. Thank you for putting it into words! I’ve been recovering from surgery & my wonderful family has taken such good care of me & my household duties. There was so much they didn’t know what to do with though so today I have been dealing with stuff that has accumulated for the last 3 weeks. It’s a battle but I will not let our stuff win!

  5. Ugh! Me too…

  6. I may be the only one to actually say that this post was chilling. Horribly, awfully, depressing, really. But all-too-true. My life has become something that I never wanted. I’m ready for change. Big change. Because this “resume” is bad enough, but an epitath that reads, “For most of her lifetime, she held the title ‘Stuff Manager,’ although she never excelled at that career, nor seemed to derive pleasure from it….” is MUCH, much worse…..This post is galvanizing me because it is going to haunt me.

    • You are not the only one. I had the same reaction when I read it a couple of days ago. It hit a cord because it perfectly articulates what I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to say for a few years now. “Stuff” has become a word I can’t say without snarling it out like a swear word because this describes my life. …. No, you are NOT the only one. It’s motivating me, too.

    • Hey Ruthie,

      I am with you on this

      Another Ruthie(but I use Ruth)

  7. Ha! This is fabulous. I just went through the garage and de-cluttered so the local thrift store could do a pick up. Then my husband went to help our elderly neighbor move her stuff out of one room so it could be re-carpeted and wow…WHAT. A. MESS. She is truly (and sadly) a hoarder. It made me want to go BACK into the garage and get rid of more.

    Thanks for the smile

  8. I am determined to get rid of at least half the stuff in this house. All I have to do is to figure out which half, and the rest will be easy.

    Loved the post – succinct, clever, witty – and piercing. Remember the Stuff Mart in Veggie Tales?

  9. Hysterical! Thanks for a good laugh…and for making us all feel we’re so not alone. (although you are light years ahead of me in stuff management success…oops! Did I just compare myself???) By the way, I wanted a bigger house for so long. Now three out of four kids are on their own. And I feel like I’m rattling around a bit in my home…So I’m glad I didn’t get that bigger house. Just sayin’

  10. Oh my, I love this post! =]

  11. I just today saw an article in the newspaper about a study done by a group of “social archaeologists, anthropologists, consumer experts, sociologists and economists” along with UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives of Families. Basically, they inventoried and tracked a bunch of families for several years to see how they lived with their stuff. That article, together with this one – whew! I’m needing to go get some garbage bags.


    Thank you so much for your wit and insight!

  12. I have thought of myself this way before and it really depresses me…
    Do you mind if I share this on my blog?
    You really touched a nerve!

  13. Sherry Brock says

    I dreamed about stuff once. I was on the battlefield. My friends and I were running from foxhole to foxhole. I couldn’t keep up. I was the only one that had suitcases with me. Every time we moved I had to gather up my stuff.

  14. lol Well said!
    It’s sad how consumed we can get with our “stuff” . It’s also sad that what you wrote IS SO true, while totally funny at the same time. :)

    Thank you for the laugh! :)

  15. Wow. Convicting. xo

  16. oh gosh this made me laugh so much!!!… because I can totally relate to that. the house is bursting at the seems waiting for us to do car boot sales and ebay selling. we even bought a house, a real project to fit it all in and then… don’t laugh, I discovered Pinterest! yep, serious stuff manager too. (if you fancy reading about my it’s on http://www.gaellebythesea.wordpress.com but I think you are already). I am doing your 31 days challenge and I hope I will put some sense in my house and enjoy it more after that. keep writing!

  17. Late to the game . . . but I just linked to this at the end of my post on how the Danes inspire me to be simple and cozy: http://tellmeastoryjosie.wordpress.com/2013/10/12/tips-from-the-danes-simple-cozy/

    Thanks for the great food for thought!

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