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I thought it would be fitting to wrap up these 31 days of Home. On Purpose with a reminder from the boy who painted on the outside of his house.  Fair warning, it’s about to get Jesusy up in these parts and this will stop you in your cute tracks:

Remember that?  I contacted one of my favorite artists, Colette from Raw Art Letterpress (I randomly came across her on etsy, last year, bought a print for my son’s room & her Mom is Love print ended up in my office) and she created this free download of Psalm 23:1 (Good News Translation) for you in honor of Topiwo and 31 Days and your home and being purposeful.

Here’s to creating a home with purpose  {*insert mental picture of all of us clinking our coffee cups cheers style*}.





Pale Purple



Pale Green


Winners of the singed books giveaway will be announced tonight 1. because people are still entering it like crazy 2. because that gives me an excuse to do another post and I’m behind for 31 days and today is the last day!  I may do THREE posts today–including this wrap of 31 Days where I ask you what you think. Winner of the True Value Gift Card (closed) will be announced tonight too.  And don’t fret, if you don’t win tonight, you’ll have a HUGE chance to win tomorrow because tomorrow is….GIVEAWAY DAY with over $1450 in prizes for ONE winner!

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  1. I think I commented this before, but after reading about Topiwo, I changed the way I recite that first line of the Psalm. I am going to print this out and put it in my clothes closet – a perfect reminder! Thanks for starting up this massive 31 Days event. I found some new blogs to follow!

  2. So, so true. More people would fill the gaping hole of want if we would all inscribe this on our hearts like Topiwo.

  3. This is wonderful! Thank you for the journey you have led me on this month.

  4. love her style!

  5. This is so great — thank you for the artwork! I love putting up things that mean something to me. I still think about Topiwo, the post you wrote and that verse almost every day.

  6. Lovely and thanks for sharing. I am going to print a few and frame them. Reminders to my children, and myself, that we DO have just what we need.

  7. These are perfect – thank you! printed off several, for myself and to give to others. Thank you to Colette for generously sharing her art work! A reminder I need to have posted on my wall in an obvious spot. Maybe I should paint it on my wall, too.

  8. Such a wonderful reminder… thank you for the timely (and timeless!) message :-)

  9. So beautiful. The posts about Topiwo have been my favorites. Thank you for the download too.

  10. That is some beautiful wall art for a beautiful reminder of that sweet boy’s house. I love the finale to your series!!

  11. So beautiful. There may be a few tears in the eyes right now. Thanks for your series and for inviting us along as we watch the journey unfold of your story. Our God is enough and things have often become our god, and yet beauty is real and points back to Him. I love listening to you as you chew on that paradox. Thanks, Nester!

  12. I love this! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Thank you! Printed. Framed. and Hung in a few minutes.

    • whoohooo! that means it worked! I’ve never done a pdf before and I was hoping someone would try it out and tell me I didn’t accidentally attach my taxes or something!

      • I am sitting at work and printed it:) It looks beautiful- and is such a wonderful reminder- not sure if it is going in the bathroom where I get ready every morning or right by the front door as a reminder as I walk out. Thank you:)

    • Did you print it on special paper or with a particularly good-for-photo-and-graphics printer?

  14. Thank you for the artwork. LOVE! I am so sad that 31 Days is over, though. I started reading nesting place in October and I quickly became spoiled to the daily inspiration. Food for the soul! Thank you!

  15. Mindy Rogers says

    Cheers to you, your series and to your 31 Day Challenge!

  16. Thank you for this art! It is wonderful and I can’t wait to print and hang it up. Would you ever be interested in offering the photo of Topiwo’s home with the verse painted on it for sale? I would love to have it in my home, especially if what I paid could go toward his (or other) sponsorships and support! I don’t want to sound exploitive, but it is such a wonderful, heartwarming image. Thanks!

  17. That post about Topiwo has made me think more than any other post you’ve written. I certainly hope I can find that boy in heaven someday and give him a big hug. I wholeheartedly agree with Emily. I would buy that print in a heartbeat. I think it would make for a great conversation starter in our home.

    And the printables are awesome. Many thanks to Colette.

  18. I love this printable! I especially like all the color options. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Thank you so much. The light green printed beautifully on my printer. Already bought frames so that I can frame one for myself and one for a friend.

  20. Thanks so much for the artwork, I can’t wait to print and display it in our home. I never told you, but after I read your posts about the visit you made to see Topiwo, I tearfully re-read your posts aloud to my husband and we decided on-the-spot to go online and sponsor a child. We had been talking about sponsoring a child for years, but your posts actually prompted us (actually I think it was God who prompted us!) to sponsor a beautiful little girl in Peru. Thank you for making a difference in my life as well as a difference in the lives of countless others. God bless you Nester!

  21. thank you nester. i love it when you get jesusy. and thank you colette. beautiful.

  22. I like your new word: Jesusy :)
    And I really laughed at “singed” books. I know, it’s a typo, and you probably don’t realize you spelled the wrong word. Singed=starting to burn. I hope you don’t burn those books, Nester!

  23. Thank you so much for the artwork…just printed one that matches my home!!!
    And thanks again for heading up 31 Days….it was fun getting more readers!

  24. what a wonderful piece of art, thank you
    i use it as a desktop wallpaper now but i will get a print eventually :)

  25. Love it! I can’t tell how often I think of how proud Topiwo and his family were of their home. I make excuses for my home sometimes as opposed to feeling proud. It’s not perfectly clean, it’s not decorated with the trendy stuff, it’s not perfectly landscaped. What I need to remember is that it’s not meant to be perfect and it’s our HOME! We love it and that’s all that matters. :)

  26. Susan Kirby says

    I love making my home beautiful and inspirational. That download will be perfect for my soon to be born grandson’s room at Grandmas house.

  27. Thanks for this. I have just ordered a wedding gift print from Colette!

  28. Just wanted to say I loved your series these last 31 days! Thank you so much. I’m sorry to see it end. Food for my soul.

  29. Thank you to artist Colette and to you for the mini-poster. Love the color choices, too. Just stopped here today and now I see I’ll have to go back and read what this 31-day purposeful home blogging was all about!

  30. Love this version of the verse and cannot wait to print a copy (or three or four!). Definitely clinking my tea-filled coffee mug with yours : )

  31. Thank you, Nester, for offering me the opportunity to share this ‘perfectly imperfect’ print with you and your readers. Thank you, readers, for all your kind words…every word makes a difference. Colette

  32. Oh my goodness I’m SO excited about this printable!!! I’ve been in love with Raw Art Letter Press’s stuff forever!

  33. kellie smith says

    Thank you so much! :)

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