My dear friend Ellen from sweetwater has outdone herself this year and she has no idea.  Also? Her graphics are to die for.  Her series, Abide: 31 Days to Love Where You Live is slightly spellbinding and full of wise-make-you-think words.  I LOVE what she says about margin:

“Margin is not an excuse to not to be going out. Margin is what makes going out possible.”

And she talks about the truth of how we might feel about our homes: Love is Not Like


Once again, Jules is tackling the William Morris Project it was one of my favorite reads last year and I wondered if I’d still like it this year and yep, I do.  Some of my favorites:

The Mom Drawer

“Do women over-schedule their lives in an effort to please everyone and then resort to comfortable clothing to lessen the bone weary ache of exhaustion? I don’t know, do chickens lay eggs?”

We Will Never Have a Garage Sale @ Pancakes and French Fries

And yes, I see it too, both the features up there happen to use pink and flowers in their graphics and I PROMISE I’m not picking them just because I love pink and flowers. I didn’t even realize it until I was putting their graphics together. But maybe their blogs are in Chinese and I only like them because of the pink?  I sure hope not. And since we are going with pink…

Also, Angela and I ARE having our Big Sale on November 17th in Huntersville, NC.  It’s going to have mostly home stuff (the good kind) it’s nicer than a yard sale but not as new as retail.  And it will be indoors.  More info to come next week.

Oh and yes, geeze, this is pink too.  I have a problem.  Anyway, Angela and I have something two weekends in a row that we are inviting you to, which works out because if you can’t come to one, maybe you can come to another.  Read all about the Marketplace here.  Hope to see you in November if not at Allume next week!