31 Dayers 2012

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Also, I’d love for you to come check out my topic for 31 Days:: Home. On Purpose.

And here are all of the 31 Dayers:

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting! What an amazing opportunity for all of us to challenge ourselves and inspire others. I cannot believe the participation! I will be reading these through the holidays for sure! I am excited to push myself and post about “31 Days to a Less Stressed Nest” and try not to be stressed in the process! Congrats to all over 900 of us!

  2. yeah, I realized my focus is perhaps unique enough to not crowd out someone else. I am so excited, and already in awe of all the buttons of fellow bloggers. I can’t wait to check them out

  3. I am so excited to do this! I want to checkout everyone else too, but there are so many! I guess I have all month! ;)

  4. Thanks for hosting such a monumental event! I have tons of reading (and writing) to do.

  5. Wow there are so many bloggers participating. I hope I can check out everyone at least once this month. Thank you so much for hosting all of us 31 Dayers.

  6. WOW! So many wonderful bloggers to visit, and so many great topics. I’m so glad I found out about the 31 Dayers 2012! This will keep me busy for a while :-)

  7. Thanks for hosting! It’s my first time! Love the variety of topics!

  8. Thanks for hosting this challenge to post every day. This was just the boost I needed to get into a blogging routine!

  9. Wow, what a turn out! This will be my first time participating in anything like this. A friend suggested I hop by and join in…I’m so glad I did (; Couldn’t believe there were already 800 entries and by the time I finished my post there were just over 1000!!! Very inspirational…can’t wait to see what’s ahead in these 31 days (;

    In gratitude,

  10. Wow! That’s amazing. I am not quite brace enough yet to commit to a “31 day” topic (maybe next year) but I can’t wait to go through the list and discover some new blogs. :) Thanks for hosting.

  11. Thanks so much for hosting this linky party. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. Every bless as you write your own posts as well as hosting this linky party!

  12. I wasn’t gonna do this again Nester. Last year was phenomenal and challenging and, dare I say, fun. But the more I thought about it the more I told myself “you’re not ready.” After losing Hubs in May, posting even 2-3 times a week has been a challenge. 31 Days, thank you, uh, no.

    And then, late last night I heard him telling me, “You HAVE to do this. You have to at least try.” Yeah, I hear him a lot. No, I’m not crazy, much. It’s one of those things I share but I wouldn’t wish on anyone – losing their partner.

    Anyhoo, I listened and signed up. My point is Thank You. This is an awesome challenge with awesome bloggers. Oh, how I wish I could just take 31 days to read every.single.blog. But, um, 1040? Seriously?! How cool is that. Pretty dang cool. And I’m honored to be a 31 Dayer again this year.

  13. Thanks so much for hosting Nester! What a great challenge and so much fun looking over all these amazing participants!

  14. technical advice? How can I change the wording under my button to read: 31 Days to Know You — instead of Granny Kate. Also, how do I link my readers back to all these lovely blogs?

  15. Wow, these all look so good! Thanks for inspiring Nester!

  16. Dear Nester- I added a button #1072…in my excitement to link up, I misspelled my blog name. If you could remove my button, I will link up again another time. Thanks.

  17. WOW- that is a LOT of blogs…so many great ideas, I’m already planning for next year

  18. Thank you for hosting this blog party!!!! There are so many awesome blogs that are participating.

  19. Do you realize it would take approximately 94 years to go through all of these day by day?

    • ahhhhhh!!!!!

      you know, I thought MAYBE we’d have 350 people link up, I figured since so many people did it last year they learned how hard it was and not as many people would do it this year…wrong!

  20. Hurray! finally got this page of lovely Bloggers linked to my own page so my friends can find you. Delightful reading on these blogs.

  21. Hi! I’m #1004 but the link isn’t working… maybe I did something wrong. Is it possible to redo? Thanks! :)

  22. Oh, my goodness, this beautiful bit of community makes me giddy! I’ve been thinking of trying to join, but just not sure, and I’m late already so I thought I’d come over here and seek an answer. But now I feel crazy intimidated :). Maybe I’ll just be a wallflower this time around. But I am so enjoying reading everyone’s journeys.

  23. Thanks for sharing this! I’m late starting, but I caught up.

  24. I started on my other blog… and changed my mind… sorry — so I deleted it and now I’m joining under my main blog.

  25. Better late than never???

  26. I’m new to the 31 Day club, but I’m so glad I found it.
    I’m needing a distraction from the horrible month that September was. I’ve opted to do a 31 day challenge to complete my crochet WIPs. Now, on day four, I’ve got three hats done and posted and one more scheduled. I cannot believe that!

    I’ve been checking out the blogs occasionally from time to time and I’m loving the diversity.
    Can’t wait to see what this month holds!

  27. There is a crazy insane amount of link ups! Let alone the crazy amount of time that it is taking to write all 31 days! I love that you said, which one will change you? Though I hope that I can encourage my readers, there is nothing like the discipline of writing 31 days straight on a topic you desire in your own life, that will change the writer! We will all be changed by the simple discipline you have set before us.

  28. Just a little suggestion, perhaps for next year: it would be great if there was a way to organize all the links! As someone trying to browse through all the possible topics, it’s totally overwhelming and difficult to navigate. Do you think it would be possible to get people to sign up under separate link ups for specific topics? For example: Faith, Writing, Blogging, Crafts, Parenting, Prayer, Homeschooling, Photography, Fashion, Decorating, Food, Finances, Health, Children, Miscellaneous, etc. It would definitely make it easier to find the topics that you’re interested in. :)

  29. I’m late but I’m in! Ranking at #1203, I’m going to blog about JUNK THAT MATTERS. Meaning, I want to make all my dreams come true which involves new friends AND rusty junk! Thanks for the push, Nester.

    Donna – Funky Junk

  30. I’ve just written a blog post on “Coping with 31 days” maybe it will be of help to others who are enjoying this series. http://livelifewithyourkids.wordpress.com/2012/10/05/coping-with-31-days/

  31. Nester:

    I was informed today that I linked up wrong and my button doesn’t take people to the site. Is there something that can be done to fix that? So sorry!

    • yes, there’s a link to the inlinkz customer service before these comments start, under the last link up–you click on that and contact them and let them know what needs to be changed and they’ll get it done! xo

      • I’m curious, can you make changes through inlinkz after the link-up closes? I see that it closes in a few hours. Do we need to relink next week or will this still be the main link?

  32. I’m number 1223 participating! Thanks for this great challenge :)

  33. This whole challenge has been such a wonderful experience! Thank you for creating it. :) I’m new to it this year, is the link party portion over, or will there be another round each week? (The linkup you did on this page lasted a week, so I just wanted to check in.)


  34. This is an impressive collection of 31 dayers…overwhelming to check on everyone though. this is my first time joining in.

  35. I am so enjoying this collection and looking through such a huge assortment of talented writers!! Thanks for hosting this :)

  36. WOW! Visiting from Impress Your Kids. I can’t believe all these 31 day series. What fun! Maybe I’ll pick out one for every month of the year. That should only take… 1,000 years, right? :)

  37. I concur – WOW! Great collection! Thanks for organizing such an incredible challenge – I think I’ll have time to read about 1% of these :P

  38. I was expecting just one 31 days (to weight loss) and got much more than I expected. I am on a journey of diet and exercise and guess instead of reading through all of these I will just get on the treadmill. What a great collection of “31 day”!

  39. I have really enjoyed participating in this experience! There are so many great topics!

    Is there ONE of us who doesn’t wonder how to get through the CRAZY days! And, through writing my 31 Days of CRAZY, I’ve come to the conclusion that I could probably write MORE than just 31 entries :)

  40. Thanks so much for hosting! I had such a great experience writing for 31 days…challenging, but I’m so proud of myself for finishing! :) Plus, it’s been so fun reading all the other great 31 day series. Thanks again!

  41. I finished on TWO blogs… with a lovely bedroom challenge and a gluten free challenge. I am so excited I completed both of them! :) I had so much fun I am giving myself some November challenges to keep me blogging regularly. Thanks for the challenge and the shared experience with all of these lovely bloggers. I look forward to next year. <3

    • That was a lovely way to focus for the month of October. I looked forward to the blog each day. Due to a massive storm in our area that turned into a blizzard, the final two days did not get posted until today. I have some finishing touches on several posts, but I kept at it. I also finished the project on which I had originally intended tow write and posted a one-day catch-up on that project, as well.

      Now it’s NaNoWriMo time! So, anyone joining me in writing a novel in November?

  42. Wow, this is absolutely amazing. I found the link on unsophisticook.com/31-days-of-homemade. I can’t wait to look at some of these postings. My initial interest was how to post a recipe, and wallah, I’m searching you. What inspiration.