What’s On Your List?

Is home just another place where there are unmet expectations, lists, work and exhaustion?  What does being home purposefully really mean?

How about a little flashback 10 years?  If you love country music then you probably loved this song from 2002.  I still love it and turn it up every time it comes on the radio.  Even if it is a little cheesy, I never get tired of country cheese…

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Toby Keith: My List


  1. I love the message in that piece. It is so true that we need to live for today and not be so busy that we miss the important “stuff”. So true, so simple but often so ignored.

  2. oops, meant to leave my details…that is me above

  3. country cheese=giggle. glad i’m not the only one! (and i love the pictures in the trophy cup!)

  4. This is the first time I’m listening to this song. Of course I’m from Europe and American country music is basically nonexistent here. It has a really positive message, so I like it.

  5. love it

  6. Thank you for the wake up call Nester. I had to share this on my FB page. I am a HUGE list maker and one of the reasons I retired early from teaching was to be more in the moment. Not doing as well as I like though and this is a good reminder. I’ve been loving your posts lately. Very meaningful.

  7. What great message in this song.

  8. Love the message in that song. :-)

  9. Cheesy? Not at all. A history reminder. In 2002 many of us were still reeling from 9/11. Three of our children joined the military withing three months after that event. Our family faced dramatic changes. When he is putting up the flag, I think the message is to remember why and how and what we have (and not just in this country). Our families, our homes. How precious each moment really is. His work as a fireman, the risks and commitment of serving others. I think it is very profound, not cheesy at all. Thank you – a good reminder for all of us this morning.

  10. First time I hear this song, love it! Great message. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Oh, I remember this song! Maureen is right–2002 was a tough time and this song pretty much summed up what we were all thinking. Country music may be cheesy, but I love the messages. (Maybe not the one about the red solo cup.)

    p.s. Did anyone else chuckle a little bit looking at those late 90s Mariah Carey rainbow eyebrows on the women?

  12. More and more, it means surrounding my family with items that are useful and meaningful and possible. Nothing more. {Yes, channeling William Morris here.} That means I say no to cute but mass-produced {and therefore non-meaningful} art from Hobby Lobby and yes to displaying our own art. Because if you have kids, you have art. It also means keeping my old but super comfy furniture and making plans to slipcover it instead of buying new stuff we really can’t afford. I find that as I’ve become older and hopefully wiser, I’ve zeroed in on what a home is really all about and more importantly, what it’s not about. Your blog has helped with that of course. : )

  13. The list: Hug your babies tight. Although my children are grown, I still hug my teens that are still at home tight. This was a good reminder.


  14. Wow! That’s a good one. We listen to country occasionally. Guess I missed that one. I’ve been really trying to get my priorities straight lately. Thanks for the encouragement. :) Have a great day!

  15. Wow, I forgot how much I liked that song! Yup, “start living”- gonna move that one up my list for sure!

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