home. on purpose.

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  1. First of 31 days….my home…on purpose.

    My earthly “home” I find in its fulness – in the embrace of the strong, loving arms of my amazing husband. That is where I can breathe deeply, relax and be fully myself without fear. He is my earthly refuge. Can’t remember where I first heard the story of the scared little boy who was being comforted by the words “Jesus is with you. You don’t need to fear being alone” – but in the honesty that only a young child can voice…his response was, “But I need someone with skin on.”
    To me, my wonderful husband in just that….Jesus with skin on.

    The structure we dwell in is great and that we are still here is a miracle of my gracious Abba. We came so very close to losing it all. But I always had this underying assurance – if we are together, I will be home.

    And all this is just the earthly extension of my heavenly home. Not just the “sweet by and by” part but the everpresent NOW part. His Word that reminds me daily of my home in Him is in Colassions 3:3 “for you died and your life is now hidden, in Christ with God.” I still remember the visual that was presented with this concept in a long-ago sermon. Me…in the palm of Christ’s hand, He curls His gentle fingers around me to cover me completely. The God puts His hand over the closed hand of Christ. And I rest there…hidden…protected by my Lord and my God…my Brother and my Father.

    I love being home both heavenly and earthly.

    • Debi Tucker says

      Amen. And thank you for the precious reminder. I’ll be praying for you as you work though this series.

  2. What a beautiful picture of us in Jesus palm and our Father wrapping his hands securely around His Son’s. We are safe and secure, WHEREVER we are in this earth, even if it’s away from our earthly home.
    Thankyou for this illustration. I found it super comforting. May our Lord Jesus continue to intercede for you, His daughter in everything and my prayer for you beautiful girl and amazing encourager is that the Holy Spirit will work mightily in you to reach many thru this wonderful blog.

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