In my last letter I asked Topiwo what his name means, he said it means “to wake up“.  1. Who names their child that? 2. OH MY goodness is that not exactly what he has done for me?  When I read what he said his name meant I went in the bathroom and cried.  If you are wondering what in the world a Topiwo is and why I am crying then by all means, read this.  Topiwo is the 15 year-old boy from Tanzania my family sponsors through Compassion International.  I met him back in May.

And also, I don’t know that I ever thanked you all for sponsoring so many children.  I didn’t ask specifics but I know Nesting Place readers did more than just read the posts and move on. Thank you.

During my trip I found out how Compassion works and how sponsors can send a family gift. Compassion and the local church will help assess the needs of the child and family and make sure that the money is spent how it’s most needed.  When I got back I sent a $50 family gift to each of the three boys that we sponsor.  $50.  I spent twice that much filling my tank up with gas this morning.

Just last week I got two letters on the same day.

With photos.  And a list.  A list of some of the items that the $50 bought. Topiwo and his family received maize, soap, body oil, shoes, polish, powder soap and the other items in the photo.

Kim from The Phillipines got to go to “the mall” with his mom.  He got “shoes, rice, towel, mosquito net, brief, socks, pants, clothes, and slipper” (I hope he got two of those).

Those three $50 gifts were some of  the best money we’ve ever EVER spent. No doubt.

That’s all great but what does this have to do with 31 Days of Home. On Purpose?


Because without perspective we get lost in a sea of me.  I know, because I’ve done it.  I love talking about my house and I love making it pretty but also, I know there are bigger things in my life than the color of paint on my walls.  And I think remembering that helps me do better with what I have.

So I hope that today you will go and send a family gift to the child that you sponsor. And I hope you’ll send your sponsored child a Christmas Gift.  It’s so simple, all you have to do is login to your account (or quickly create one) and you can give a gift to your sponsored child online in just a few minutes.

And if you long to sponsor a child but right now the $38 is out of your budget but you believe in Compassion and the work they are doing there’s something else you can do.

Blessings Unlimited has partnered with Compassion in the Dominican Republic.

Did you know that Compassion does more than help school age children?  They have a program for expecting mothers and mothers of infants and toddlers and also a program for 16 years-old and older in their Leadership Development program in poverty-stricken areas.  They watch out for the whole child from birth to adulthood.

From the website::

The Child Survival Program is a proven way to help babies and moms in poverty survive through life-giving relationships with trained specialists who provide both physical and spiritual care. Please join us in our efforts to rescue babies and moms. Your donation will supply:

  • Prenatal care
  • Nutritious food and supplements
  • Ongoing health care
  • Infant survival training for mothers
  • Spiritual guidance and education
  • The loving support of a local church

To find out more about the Child Survival Program click here to watch a quick video.

Plus, we can help support a center that offers the Child Survival Program for only $20 a month.

And, that doesn’t convince you, Blessings Unlimited will even give you a free t-shirt!

As we celebrate our homes, we can also help support home life and help free children from the cycle of poverty. Will you join me? Here’s the verse Topiwo asked me to read in his letter (the translator wrote that it was from Genesis but I immediately knew what story it was from in Exodus).