31 Days :: Day 1

Hi there, if this is your first time here, scroll down to read day one.  Otherwise, here are the current links to the rest of the series:: 31 Days of Lovely Limitations….

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Day 1

Y’all. I wasn’t sure I’d ever figure out the right name for my topic this year.

I had a jumping off quote, I had posts in my head, I had tons of ideas and photos and I knew the message I wanted to get across but to narrow it down to a few words? Trouble.  So I nesterized the quote.

Then I thought of all the things I felt like it was reminding us to do and how I could work that into the series…

Then I called my sister…


Because I like “L”s and I like words that end in “tion” and I have to stop thinking about it sometime and I figured two days before October first was a good time to start.  So welcome to 31 Days of Lovely Limitations.  Hopefully by day 31 we’ll all look at limitations a little differently.

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  1. So lovely! Can’t wait to read all about your and others’ 31 days.

  2. awesome :) looking forward to this month with you :)

  3. Gasp! This is perfect for me because I have a ton of projects to complete this month but I don’t have the resources to do them well…or so I thought. This is a welcome perspective shift.

  4. Holy smokes, I completely adore your theme. And I can’t wait to read and learn! Love you, Nester!

  5. Brilliant theme! I’m so all over this one!


  6. Can’t wait to follow along with you!!!

  7. I’m brand new to your corner of the internet world but I am SO looking forward to this month! What a cool idea!

  8. Perfect and so true. Some of my best work has been born out of time/money/other resource constraints. Can’t wait to go on this journey with you…

  9. Thanks to paying tuition, I’m all for looking at inexpensive ways to dress up the house! :)

  10. Lovely. :)

    You and your sister are such fun. My stops by your blogs always leave me smiling. How the joy must flow when you two get together. :)
    And thank you so much for making buttons we could take and make our own for the 31 days!

    I already loved the month of October. I think this is going to make me love it all the more.

  11. That’s interesting because part of my 31 Days of Art is to buy no new “wonder products”. It’s easy for creative people to fall for the idea that the creativity comes from a magical art supply.

  12. And part of the reason I even am an artist is as a result of limitations. Off to think more now and comment less. But I’m looking forward to your series.

  13. It’s perfect. Can’t wait to read all about it.

  14. Love L’s too. I need some wise words on limitations. Thanks, can’t wait.

  15. How lovely! :-) I’m certainly looking forward to this series with you!

  16. love it all! I can’t wait!

  17. Love it! My rental home has limitations, and I’m finding that it *is* bringing out my creativity!

  18. I am so excited for this month! Thank you for the inspiration.

  19. What a FABULOUS topic!! I can’t wait to see this develop!

  20. Great title.

    Thanks so much for inviting us to join in this year. Can you believe the crazy response already?

    Off to write day 2 and read more 31 dayers. It is going to be a busy and fun month.

    31days of Christmas wonder (#223)

  21. I can’t wait to read all you have to say on this since this is one thing that bugs me. It is also one of the reasons I chose Thankfulness as my topic.

  22. I think your topic choice was LOVELY. :) I call my sister all the time for help with creative stuff. Sometimes it helps to have someone else to run ideas by. :) Can’t wait for the next 30 days!

  23. oh my!! Jumping on this bandwagon I never imagined just how many others were too. I was #530 on the linky! I will get a button made tomorrow—I missed the part about we to make our own :)
    Are we to also host the linky? or is that just the original 8?

  24. Lovely Limitations has such a beautiful sound. I love “L’ myself. My children’s names are Lauren and Lee. I’ve always loved writing their names…silly thing for a Mom to say. I am looking forward to these 31 days of Lovely Limitations…actually, I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!

  25. So excited! I joined in and am at the same time deliriously happy and 100% intimidated. Can’t wait to see what you bring us!!

  26. I love your creativity! Can’t wait to watch and learn!! Thanks for organizing this whole little 31-day get-together. What an amazing response!

  27. Waw! the list of participants is impressive! Good thing to come back to for some blogging inspiration. Are you planning on making this a recurring event?

  28. I am loving your series so far, just linked it up on my FB page :) Thank you for inspiring all of the other 31 days posts… I can’t believe there are over 600 participants. Maybe I’ll try for next year!

  29. hello, miss nester! i’m going to try to follow you all the way this year! :)
    hope you are well!

  30. What fun! Just found you via Lisa Leonard. Looks like I know what I’m doing with my afternoon!

  31. wow, what a fantastic idea. i recently quoted you on my blog with your motto about not having to be perfect to be beautiful. i credited you for it, i hope you don’t mind :)

    it’s such an inspirational approach to home decor. yet so simple. something i never would have thought of, however.

    i’m going to back track and read more about this 31 day project :)

  32. Lovely Limitations? I can’t wait. I’ll be following closely.

  33. What a lovely idea. I believe this is just the ticket to get back to blogging. Looking forward to reading posts for this one!

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