Hi there, if this is your first time here, scroll down to read day one.  Otherwise, here are the current links to the rest of the series:: 31 Days of Lovely Limitations….

Day 2 Missing Dresser Drawers

Day 3  Found Drawers

Day 4 Use What You’ve Got

Day 5 We All Have Branches

Day 6 Do it For Fun

Day 7 When it all Goes Wrong

Day 8 Use Your Mad Skilz

Day 9 It’s Not Broken, It’s an Opportunity

Day 10 Copy It With What You Already Have

Day 11 Sticker Wall Paper

Day 12 Lovely Limitation Turned Business

Day 13 Plan For the Worst Hope For the Best

Day 14 Her Limited Medium:: A Giveaway

Day 15 Disobey

Day 16 Maybe You Already Have It

Day 17 Mirrors the Pixie Dust of the Design World

Day 18 Fight Your Way

Day 19 One Man’s Trash {this post will make you think}

Day 20 Pallets

Day 21 The Most Ignored, Powerful Limitation

Day 22 They Can Be A Pain {a link up for 31 Dayers Attending Relevant}

Day 23 Even Unlovely Limitations Have Redeeming Qualities

Day 24 Repetition

Day 25 Self Imposed Limitations

Day 26 Wall Art

Day 27 Unlimiting :: A Giveaway

Day 28 Too Much

Day 29 Edie

Day 30 They Really Are Lovely

Day 31 The Finale


Day 1

Y’all. I wasn’t sure I’d ever figure out the right name for my topic this year.

I had a jumping off quote, I had posts in my head, I had tons of ideas and photos and I knew the message I wanted to get across but to narrow it down to a few words? Trouble.  So I nesterized the quote.

Then I thought of all the things I felt like it was reminding us to do and how I could work that into the series…

Then I called my sister…


Because I like “L”s and I like words that end in “tion” and I have to stop thinking about it sometime and I figured two days before October first was a good time to start.  So welcome to 31 Days of Lovely Limitations.  Hopefully by day 31 we’ll all look at limitations a little differently.

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