Hey, what’s so limiting about a set of three pretty candlesticks?!

Yep, we are still smack dab in the middle, well, actually close to the end of a series about lovely limitations.

If you’ve been around here very long, you’ve figured out that Nesting Place and DaySpring along with their cute sister company, Blessings Unlimited  are all friends.  I’ve been talking about DaySpring and Blessings for years now, and they have been long time sponsors of Nesting Place.  Not only do I promote their pretty stuff, I use it in my own home and give it as gifts.  And I’ve also met many fun people who work at Day and BU {that’s what I call them since we are close like that} and I even write for their online community, (in)courage.  It’s obvious I’m a fan.  And let’s face it, I’m biased.

Anyhow, a few times a quarter I introduce some new, pretty, meaningful product and it’s fun for me to get to play around with new pretty stuff in my home and it’s fun for you because DaySpring and Blessings give away a huge amount of free things.

This time I want to introduce you to this set of candlesticks. I first met them at the Becoming Conference when I saw them in person.  They are lovely in their imperfection and meaning and versatile because we all love to use candles all over our homes–you can put pumpkins on them, candles and even mason jars filled with nuts and stuff.  I even watched when Blessings gave away every item on their table at the end of the conference, I think these candlesticks were the second thing to go.

But, this time, I asked Blessings if I could talk about something more than just the pretty, meaningful home decor.  I’ve watched how they run things, I picked Holley up at the airport and brought her to my house to visit one time and it happened to be right after she spoke at the BU consultant’s annual conference~she went on and on about how amazing the weekend was.  I’ve even hosted a gathering at my own house.  I’ve hung out with some of the people who have fancy titles at BU and even made fun of their lack of directional skills.  All that to say, I’ve asked lots of questions and I think what they are doing has a lot of potential.  Potential for women who have a desire to have a business but on their own terms.  Potential for women who’d like to host a gathering and earn some product.

I know this isn’t for everyone.  But if you are intrigued read on.  If not…skip the next paragraph and I’ll meet you down there.

Not only does BU offer lots of meaningful beauty for sale, it’s  a company made up of independent consultants.  They have almost 2000 consultants {double what they had 10 months ago} and those consultants do in home parties called Gatherings AND, have an online presence with an online store.  The online part is new and such an innovative move for consultant based company.  Now, you don’t have to attend a gathering to place an order. Blessings Unlimited is currently accepting new consultants in all 49 states and Puerto Rico.  And I wanted to make sure I mentioned this opportunity because you are online savvy and I think some of you out there might be looking for a little business like this, and might be really good at a business like this.  It’s not for everyone, but those few who thrive with this kind of business are the ones perking up at these words and should click here to find out more.  The rest of you want to get on with the giveaway so lets, shall we.

For every 100 comments BU is giving away a set of three candlesticks {over $100 value} for you to add meaningful beauty to your home.

Find out more about hosting a gathering

Find out more about being a consultant.

See the entire Blessings Unlimited catalog.


Winners announced here.