Remember when I showed you this picture of our playroom?  It still pretty much looks like this with a few stray socks and smashed crackers ground in for good measure. I like how the yellow in the disposable Solo cup brings out the yellow in the pillow. And the bold pattern rug at least helps detract away from the fact that it looks like we’ve just been robbed by a 11-year-old high on Red Bull who ransacked the room looking for a Wii game.

The truth is, I may never get this room the way I’d like it to look.  In a dream world, I’d love to have our three boys kind of share this room for sleeping? hanging out playing video games, reading, eating unhealthy snacks and stuff.  It would have clever storage areas, fun yet tasteful lighting and be a mom and kid approved space.

I even went as far as measuring those inset dormer areas to see if their beds would fit in there.  The beds were too big but, I think their mattresses would fit.  Hmmmm.  But, there’s no closet and storage would be a huge pain.  So my grand schemes of making this a boy cave have come to a screeching halt.   Instead, it’s kind of an upstairs family room {that I never step foot in for fear of cutting my foot on a shard of hardened cheese} slash guest room. Since this room is the largest, our guest bed is in there.  Which means we have to fumigate and disinfect the room every time we have a guest.

That being said, this room is plenty good enough.  I would have killed for this extra room for most of our marriage. I’ve added a rug and some adult chairs and it can be presentable given I have a spare hour and some Lysol.  It’s a fine space for what it is.  But, just like when you got married and you had one file in your head for all of the fab ideas that you knew most likely you would never be able to use {INXS performing at the reception, miniature wedding cakes for each guest…} it’s fun to have an alternate plan for a room, just in case you win the lottery or something.

I didn’t win the lotto but, I did hear about a $10,000 room make over contest over at the Arrow Facebook page–and I certainly didn’t hesitate to enter it.  I mean, someone has to win those things, right?  Oh and the winner’s  room would be designed by Leslie Segrete from The Money Pit. Fun, right?  I think you should enter too.  If you have a room in need of a makeover, all you need to do is like the Arrow Page upload two photos {I uploaded the two in this post} and write a little story about the room.  It took about 3 minutes to complete.  It’s even open to renters like me.  I’d be thrilled if one of you win this contest.  I think it’s fun to have a dream world plan and a real world plan for a room, so if you’ve yet to think about that, try it, it’s fun.

And really, I’m serious about you entering this contest.  I can’t guarantee you will win but, I’d be willing to bet that whoever wins will be shocked and surprised and say that they almost didn’t enter the contest because they were sure they would never win and they never win anything–that’s always the way it is.

There have been many times I’ve had a dream world plan and a real world plan for a room.  For example, our family room.  Last year, I came to terms with the fact that our sofa looked BAD.  In a dream world, I’d buy a new sofa.  In my world, also known as the real world, I invited 10 friends over and made a slipcover.

Want another example?  When we first moved here I knew a mirror would look great over our fireplace.  I didn’t want to spend the money on one and had pretty shutters that looked fine.  Two and a half years later, I had the money and was able to find the perfect mirror.  I guess you could say my dream came true?

Am I the only weirdo, or does anyone else out there have dream world and real world plans for your spaces?


Did you enter the contest?  GO NOW AND ENTER IT–what’s keeping you?

Nesting Place was compensated for sharing this fun contest with you, special thanks to Arrow Fastener for providing a springboard for us to dream about our spaces.