Years ago I was in need of a great gift for a lady with really good taste.  I had more time than money so, I taught myself how to make decorative tassels.  I saw some in the stores but it seemed like a color blind robot picked random colors to use together–I didn’t know anyone who could use a purple and orange tassel with a red and gold rooster on the top and $34 seemed like a steep price for a weird colored tassel.

But I loved the idea.

So I made tassels and gave them away as gifts which led to selling them which led to an etsy shop and a blog which lead to wholesaling which led to a decision between tasseling and blogging.  I think you know which one I choose.  But, the tassel shop was an asset to our family for years and it all started because I couldn’t afford a store bought, ugly tassel.

I’m so glad we didn’t have that thirty four dollars.

And you know what else it led me to?  A crazily put together but stuffed full of lots of photos and easy to follow ebook that I wrote about How to Make the Most Amazing, Beautiful, Fluffy, Full Tassels of Your Life.  Or something like that.


Is there a limitation you could turn into a business?

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