Besides being a wife and having children, all I ever wanted was to own a little house with a garden and make it pretty.

I loved making beauty out of something scorned and unexpected so much that I thought it would be fun to help others in their homes.  But we never settled down and kept moving around and renting and moving and what’s our zip code again?  And the one thing, the only real thing I thought I wanted was to own our home and grow things.  And that’s the one thing I’ve never really had.

It wasn’t until I got that print with all the street names of the places we had lived that it hit me.  Those crappy limitations.  Those way too many days of packing, barely getting settled and packing again. Those rental homes with the old carpet and poor lighting. Those days of trying to make a house a home using only what time and resources I had at my fingertips, they all prepared me for this.  This hobby? career? opportunity of a lifetime that I never knew could even exist.  This has changed me.  This is the dream.

Nesting Place was birthed out of hated, unwelcome limitations. It only took 16 years for me to see it.

And I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Thank you.  I cannot thank you enough.

I wonder what your limitations will turn into one day?

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One more day of 31 Days!  Thank you to the over 700 women who joined in 31 Days of Change!