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Say you are moving yet again and your old dresser just doesn’t hold up.  One of the drawers smashed to smithereens.  You could cry and whine and complain and throw a fit because you think you have to buy a new dresser.  Bad things always happen to you, right?

  Or, you could see it as an opportunity to be creative.

pinterest via Jones Design


check out what Holly did with this lovely drawerless piece

Sadie + Stella via Pinterest

dresser in my office: I removed the door in the middle because I was too lazy to paint around the hinges~who says laziness doesn’t pay off?

Puts me in a drawer breaking mood.

It’s all about perspective isn’t it?  Have something broken or less than perfect or with missing pieces?  Maybe you can come up with a solution that’s better than the original.  Maybe you’ll even start a trend.

some of these photos are from pinterest via other blogs however, they were not pinned from the original site page but rather the .com main page which makes it impossible to accurately source, if you see a photo and you know the original source please share it with us in the comments


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The miracle isn’t that I finished.  The miracle is that I had the courage to start.