Day 29 :: Edie

If you paid attention to Edie’s blog this year, you were treated to a lesson in lovely limitations.  I simply can’t not mention Edie and her rebuilding story during this month of embracing and living through lovely limitations.  After losing all their earthly posssessions in a house fire at Christmas last year, this year has been a year of rebuilding.  Edie is a fellow 31 Dayer writing about 31 Days to Rebuild Your House and Heart.

And in true invasion of privacy actions, I once again, took it upon myself to swipe a bunch of precious family photos and such from Edie’s blog and turn them into a video.   Forgive me. It just seemed like we needed to celebrate with Edie~this past year of Rebuilding.  Love you girl.

music:: Hallelujah by MaMuse


  1. I am loving this 31 day series. I am seeing it EVERYWHERE!!!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. Whereas the first video you made for Edie made me cry, this one just makes me smile until my cheeks hurt.
    So sweet.

  3. Wow…..what a precious video. What a gift to Edie. Bless you both!

  4. … and reason #712 why I love Nester: Beautiful tribute to beautiful Edie.

  5. Lorraine R. says

    What a precious gift-to make a video of celebration!! Love it!! The new home is gorgeous <3 What sweet gifts of restoration!!

  6. What an absolutely beautiful tribute!

  7. How beautiful. It lifts my heart.

  8. What is this song and who sings it?

  9. Oops I put it in at YouTube but its not showing up here–Hallelujah by MaMuse

  10. kelly in georgia says

    Gorgeous to the max! Just like Edie (and you too!)

  11. Wow, what a story in photographs. Thanks for sharing Edie & Co. testimony.


  12. *heart full of hope

    it is for all of us!

    Just beautiful!


  13. Ms Nestor, this is absolutely beautiful. Edie has touched my heart in so many ways and this video and the song are positively perfect. Thank you for being such a sweet friend! Love u- Bev

  14. Kimberly Dial says

    So beautiful … poetic … such a gift to Edie & to your readers … thank you!

  15. Jennifer Cooper says

    You did it again Nester. I discovered Edie when you posted your first video about her the loss of their home. Thanks. Her 31 days series has been my favorite.

  16. Simply put….beautiful.

  17. I have to say it:

    Sometimes stealing is a good thing.

    That first video you made for Edie? It was a galvanizing force. Everyone who saw it was moved to love, to pray and hope along with Edie. Now this one–this one shows the fulfillment of those prayers and that hope. In the beautiful spaces and in the shining eyes of the Wadsworth family, we see that hope does not disappoint.

    Thanks for doing this, Nester. And for all your Lovely Limitations posts. You’re the best.

  18. Love it. Love both of your blogs.

    I’ve never met Edie, but I feel like I “know” her and could call her friend. Maybe because we’re both Tennesseans, I don’t know.

    Like Southern Gal said, the first one made me cry & this one makes me smile.

  19. What a sweet & touching video.

  20. How BEAUTIFUL! And the music is so inspirational.

  21. Loved loved loved it!!

  22. Great…now when the boys come back from the store I’m gonna have to explain why it looks like I’ve been bawling…

    Just kidding.
    Well, not about the crying part.
    Just the sarcasm ;)
    I’m SO glad I watched it.

    Watching Edie and her family put a baby step in front of the other each day while swimming in the grace of the Lord has been an inspiration and a gift.

    And, I think Hallelujah by MaMuse might just make an appearance on the iPod this Christmas season!

  23. Tears! Oh, how I love Edie’s blog. Thank you for introducing me to it, as I’ve been following it regularly for sometime now! I am INSPIRED by everything from faith, homemaking and homeschooling on her blog, and yours! Hugs to my favorite bloggers.

  24. What a beautiful tribute to such a loving, strong lady!

  25. perfect song!! what a journey she has been on the last 10 months! she will love it. thanks for sharing.

  26. Beautiful! Love Edie and LOVE that new home of hers!!


  28. Nester, that was really beautiful and you are a wonderful friend.

  29. Oh I just love this. Don’t know Edie but what a lovely sentiment….and somehow, it spoke to me about my own life. Upheaval and chaos~ turning it into something beautiful.

  30. Beautiful. Blessings to Edie and to you.

  31. …and we have to believe there is a reason for everything. Absolutely lovely.

  32. beautiful tribute to a lady who has helped her family get through a devastating time in their lives.

  33. Beautiful video.

  34. you know how to give perfect gifts, dear sweet friend, and i had quite a moment when i saw it today. it was a cry of joy and pain. a cry from somewhere deep down that only your *people* can bring on. kinda like you’re fine til you see your sister, then you know it’s safe to be broken.
    i am the receiver of so many good gifts and YOU are one of them.
    i love you dearly.
    everything you do sparkles.

  35. and thank you , from the bottom of my heart.
    perfect song, perfect timing. perfect everything.
    it’s all grace.

  36. Wishing Edie all the love and support she and her family deserve.!

  37. I {along with the rest of your scores of readers} Love, adore and super big puffy heart that video – but more that than the music moved me to tears, or maybe it was the music, the story and the pics. whatever, I’m currently downloading that album – THANKYOU i needed new stuff on my ipod desperately!!

  38. <3 this. contented sigh.

  39. I didn’t know Edie’s tragic story until you posted. What a beautiful & strong woman. I am so happy that she and her family are all ok & some time has passed for them. THank you for introducing me to her :) I just watched the video over on her site & absolutely beautiful. So sweet of you :)

  40. Girl. that was beautiful.

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