via Sweetie Pie Style

Who says they have to match?


Who says you shouldn’t layer them?

House Beautiful via Apartment Therapy

Who says the only view is one that looks outside?

Tricia Huntly via My Notting Hill

Who says those big sheet mirrors are out dated?


Who says the room is to small for a super big mirror?

Simply Seleta via Pinterest

Who says that mirror is too ornate for that room?  Maybe the room will rise to the occasion?

design sponge

Who says it has to be real?


Who says you can’t use a mirror as a headboard?

House Beautiful?

Who says you can’t hang it on the bookcase?

houzz via pinterest

Who says it must be centered?


Who says you have to have a fire in there?

un coeur en provence

Who says you can’t rescue the broken mirror?

better after

Who says you can’t frame it all chunky and paint it the same fresh color as your cabs?

Thomas and Vines

Who says you can’t flock it? {be still my beating heart!}

Who says you can’t make one out of poster board?


Who says they have to be perfect to be beautiful?