south of market

Today I’m not in the mood to write about Ding Dong Lovely Limitations. I’ve been writing about the same topic for 21 days in a row.  I don’t want to be limited today.  Today maybe I want to do a post about a cute kelly green settee.

Sometimes, limitations just plain old get us down. They can be a pain and I’m not gonna pretend that when faced with a limitation in my home, I’m all smiles and sing songy and happy little trees.

One fun thing to do when you are faced with a limitation….is to talk it out.

Next week I’m attending the Relevant conferenceMy sister is speaking and I cannot wait to go to her sessions.  I know some of you who are doing 31 days will be there as well.

If you are participating in 31 Days and also attending the Relevant Conference, want to link up so we can complain about what a pain it’s been chat about how much fun it’s been?  I’m not planning a meet up or anything, I’m way too disorganized for that but, it would be a fun conversation starter if you recognize someone else who is participating in 31 Days.  Maybe we should all paint a kelly green 31 on our faces so we can find each other?  Ideas? Anyone…anyone? And promise me you’ll come introduce yourself to me?  I’ll be the one with the purple hand after Caroline and I have the death grip on each other for the duration of our plane ride.


And if you are doing 31 Days and not going to Relevant, I encourage you to still find someone to commiserate with.  You don’t need to be in person to have a chat, shoot them an email.  My sister and my dad and I have talked about 31 Days almost daily.  It’s more fun to do this when you have someone to bounce things off of.  And if you aren’t doing 31 Days you still have to deal with limitations.  The moral of this story?  Sometimes it helps to talk things out.


This link up is for people who are both participating in 31 Days by writing every day AND attending Relevant next week.


If you haven’t yet, make sure you link up at Denise’s blog she has a link up for everyone attending Relevant.