This is the FIFTH year of 31 Days of Change! Crazy! And of course, you’re invited! Last year we had over 1200 people join in the fun and write about any topic of their choice for 31 Days in October. Click on some of the links and check out the topics and learn more about how people do their 31 days of change.

Here’s more info in a post I wrote last year. Because of our move and lack of reliable internet, I’m not writing a fresh post about it just yet. So, if you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments (if you have answers, feel free to respond on my behalf–and I’ll be logging on over the next few days to answer them too).

Every year we have a link up here at Nesting Place so we can find each other’s posts–sometimes at 12:01 am on October 1st, sometimes not until the daylight morning hours, but no matter when it’s always fun.

Sometimes seeing an example answers the most questions.

Here’s my 31 Days post from 2011 : Lovely Limitations

Here’s my 31 Days posts from 2012  topic: Home, on Purpose

This is the first time ever that September is looming without me knowing my topic. Do you know yours yet?!