31 Days in 2013 is ON!


This is the FIFTH year of 31 Days of Change! Crazy! And of course, you’re invited! Last year we had over 1200 people join in the fun and write about any topic of their choice for 31 Days in October. Click on some of the links and check out the topics and learn more about how people do their 31 days of change.

Here’s more info in a post I wrote last year. Because of our move and lack of reliable internet, I’m not writing a fresh post about it just yet. So, if you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments (if you have answers, feel free to respond on my behalf–and I’ll be logging on over the next few days to answer them too).

Every year we have a link up here at Nesting Place so we can find each other’s posts–sometimes at 12:01 am on October 1st, sometimes not until the daylight morning hours, but no matter when it’s always fun.

Sometimes seeing an example answers the most questions.

Here’s my 31 Days post from 2011 : Lovely Limitations

Here’s my 31 Days posts from 2012  topic: Home, on Purpose

This is the first time ever that September is looming without me knowing my topic. Do you know yours yet?!


  1. I. AM. SO. EXCITED! Last year I wrote about my brother and it was an awesome experience. I planned to write about Open Adoption this year, and our change of heart from when we started our adoption process until now (in an open adoption), BUT, God had other plans. I will be doing a series on Isaiah 40, and memorizing a verse a day- AND there are 31 one verses, how cool. Scared, excited, but mostly so grateful for your example, inspiration and challenge to do this!

  2. I have participated in the past under a different blog name, but this year, I feel the pull to go more anonymous. To have the opportunity to share my heart, unwildered, unabashed, and uninhibited by who may be reading, what they would think, or how to neatly tie the bow around it. Just pure, honest writing.

    The topic? 31 days to letting it ooze.
    How it’ll look? No clue yet.

  3. So happy you are doing the 31 Days again this year. Was wondering if it would be too much with the move and all. You certainly deserve the Wonder Woman Award! I participated for the past two years, and have my topic ready for this one. Excited! Evelyn (above)and I are in Word Weavers Space Coast together, and I encouraged her to join. It’s always fun and a great way to develop writing discipline.

  4. I can’t wait!! Last year was our first time participating, but our blog decided to go through a techy problem phase (still haven’t been able to get the last 10 posts to show)…but finally we were able to fix the blog this week so we’re able to post again!!! Yes!! Thank you sooo much for giving us the opportunity to focus for an entire 31 days and contribute with others (; This year we’re going to be sharing 31 Days of Simplicity – unique solutions to help minimize the distractions of life so you can embrace what truly matters (;

  5. Thank you to our dear Nester for hosting this challenge again!

    If you’re on the fence, put your hesitancy aside an give it a go. Last year she inspired me to try my hand at drawing. The support of 1200 co-bloggers kept me going, and my results astonished me!

  6. Pretty excited to finally do this. Here we gooooo: 31 Days of Servant Leadership

  7. Yeah!! Now… to think of a topic… this is the hardest part!

  8. I’m going to join this challenge to get into the habit of writing every day. Thanks.

  9. Angela Ambroise says

    Okay, let me see if I understand. Do we write on one topic for the whole 31 days or do we just write for 31 days?

    Thanks I need this! This will be interesting because I have also signed up for Phase 2 of blogging for (in)Merch, Nester :-)

  10. So for almost 2 years now I’ve been wanting to create a website in memory of my Dad that passed away 18 years ago. I’m thinking this challenge will be a great way to get me motivated and stop procrastinating on the project and get the website done!!

  11. You can count me in! This challenge is just the push that I need to kick start my business. I have few ideas for topics but I need to toss them around a bit before I decide.

  12. This is quite an interesting set up! Ilike it. How do you people get together? Is it a twitter trend? How do we know who else are participating?

  13. I would love to participate, but I don’t know how to create one of those cute little boxes highlighting my 31 of Days of Starting Over. And, please explain how this works. I’m a new blogger.

  14. It’s only September 16th and my Day 1 post is done. Woohoo! Ready to rock 31 Days this year :)

  15. I’m in! It’s going to be a challenge, though, since we’ll be away for half of October. But I’m going to try to work ahead. :)

  16. This is so exciting! I’m going to participate with – gasp – two blogs. I’ll be writing a challenge on homeschooling your family’s history at Teach Your Tree (http://www.teachyourtree.com). I’m still putting the finishing touches on the series outline but it will be a Reduce/Reuse/Recycle type of focus over at The Green Guinea Pig (http://www.greenguineapig.com).

    Can’t wait!


  17. Yay! I do a 30-day challenge every month on my blog, but participating here last year was so great and inspiring. There’s something amazing about people coming together in support of each other. My topic isn’t totally finalized just yet, but I know it’ll be a wonderful, community driven 31 days.


  18. I’m starting a new blog Making Your Life Amazing and I’m going to explore 31 Ways in 31 Days

  19. This will be my first year! I’m so excited and a bit nervous for the challenge as well. 31 days! Yikes! I am going to be doing 31 Days to Learn ASL (american sign language). I’ll work on the name a bit to see if I can make it a bit more punchy.

  20. I think I’ll take this challenge up. And what I’ll do – I’ll write fictions based on the self provided prompts. I will also provide the prompt for others if they want to use.

  21. This sounds awesome I want to join in! I’m a new blogger and this would be a great challenge for me. My topic is “31 Days of showing God’s Love.” I’m just a little confused on how to create a button and link up. If someone can help me out it would be great.

  22. Looking forward to this challenge. My topic is 31 days of spiritual growth, which will offer exercises and activities to foster and deepen your relationship with the Sacred.

  23. I’m so excited about this, but I have no idea what I’m going to write about. Praying God will inspire me!

  24. Fabulous plan for m

  25. So excited to share my journey on my blog and write about “living with grace and faith through the good and bad times” this year.

  26. So I landed on your website by accident, but not really I guess. I’m in. Earlier today I wrote a random blog post about rejecting the fear that was creeping in and by the nighttime I found a new mantra to help me reach a personal/business goal I set for the end of the November — dig deep. I work full time, I run a brand new not-for-profit organization that I started to help women after prison and in the meantime I try to be a great person. In order to really move everything in my life forward I need to manage October well so this challenge is a great way to hold myself accountable in a “public” way. I am not sure if anyone will ever see what I post but I am in the “Too Cool To Be Categorized” section with your community. I am on a personal journey to spend this month digger deeper and getting myself and business headed in the direction I desire. The bonus? I turn 29 on October 29th. This just seems too good to be true & like an early birthday present :)
    I will share correctly but here is my permalink: http://www.ceoofmy20s.com/2013/10/01/31days/

  27. I am joining this party for the first time! I am going to do 31 days of children’s book illustrators. I am enjoying the topic because I have a passion for it. I can’t wait to be inspired by all these other ideas too. What a cool thing to be a part of!

  28. Thiis is a topic that’s near to my heart…
    Thank you!Exactly where are yiur contact details though?

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