3 Hardworking Pieces For Every Home

If you’re like me, you love pretty things and you also crave a simple and functional home. If you love the idea of having more style with less stuff, then welcome to the club–you’re a Cozy Minimalist!

In an ideal world everything in my home has to both work hard in some way and look great.

I thought I’d share a few items that have been going above and beyond when it comes to looking great and earning their keep, things I think every home, no matter the style, could benefit from.

1. Wall Cabinet With A Solid Door 

This vintage medicine cabinet is one of my favorite things. I found it 15 years ago at a yard sale and get ready to slap me, because people I paid ONE DOLLAR for it. I know. I rode that garage sale high for YEARS!

Why I love it: it’s just pretty enough to work in any room–we’ve moved 1.5 million times and over the years, I’ve used it in the kitchen, bathroom, family room, my office and even the boy’s room.

The solid door on the front makes all the difference.

I’ve got two other medicine cabinet type pieces and I love them but they have glass doors. Glass doors are great if you want to show off what’s inside your cabinet, but you can’t be messy or store things in them you don’t want to look at or it will visually junk up your space.

I just recently cleaned out this cabinet, (and also I recently did a lousy paint job on it) and currently it holds a few essential oils and bottles of water for my diffuser. You know when you have people over and they leave bottles of water sitting around the house? I save those and use that water in my diffuser, if you’re wondering.

Sadly, I can’t just link to Target where they sell cute cabinets like this. But, that’s also what makes it special. If you have a local antique mall, take a few hours to walk slowly through it keeping your eyes peeled for a vintage medicine cabinet with a solid door. I promise you’ll want one in every room.

2. A  Slide-Under-The-Sofa-Table

I’ve been considering one of these side tables that slides under the sofa for months now and finally tried one. I was afraid it would look like one of those rolling tables they use in the hospital, but no, it doesn’t! Now I don’t know how we lived without it. Since it slides under the sofa, it barely takes up any room, but it provides so much functional surface area for a drink, computer, book, or a plate of pizza.

I appreciate the function of this piece slightly more than the form, but now we are addicted to it and we can never not have one again.

I found this table at HomeGoods, other great options are from Target , Amazon  and Target again.

3. A Decorative Ladder Pretend ladder?  Fake ladder? Faux Ladder? Fladder?

Listen, I almost didn’t buy this. I thought they were kind of weird and dumb. But now I realize that they are great multi-taskers of the home and I have THREE of these!

Fladders don’t take up much physical space but when draped with throws they take up a lot of visual space. This is ideal for a Cozy Minimalist because you get lots of style without using up a bunch of floor space.

Fladders can hold and display favorite throws that you already have. I’ve got a few special throws that I adore and use lightly, but really love that I can show them off without the cats using them as a home. These decorative ladders are a perfect solution to get my special throws off the bed and they add lots of texture and fill up some wall space with purpose

Speaking of texture, if you’re in need of some, displaying throws on a fladder is a great start.  Most homes don’t have enough texture and they could SO benefit from some roughage for the home.

Working in my bedroom today and here’s a shot of the fladder with throws. Also, you can see one of my glass front medicine cabinets in the corner–I keep my essential oils all organized in rainbowetical order in there, so I don’t mind the glass.

Fladder in the family room with neatly folded throws for those who require a little more tidy in their lives.

That same fladder outside on our side porch.

I found this rickety vintage ladder at an antique market, at first I used it out in the barn to hold extra blankets, now it’s perfect to hold extra throws and towels on the covered porch in our backyard.

Ladders like this can work in just about any room, bedroom, family room, porch, even to hold towels in the bathroom.

Here are a few options I found online some are more rustic, one is more modern: White ladder , Black ladder, Metal ladder


Wondering where to shop for all those beautiful, functional things you need for your home? I create a full color shopping guide with my favorite places to find everything you need for your house. You can print it out, or read it on your computer.

click here for your guide

Two Tips To A Tidy Home

I want a pretty, meaningful home that serves our family really well, a home that I look forward to coming home to, a home that doesn’t feel like a looming to do list as soon as I walk in the door.

I’m guessing that’s the kind of home you want too.

Here’s the thing. It’s more powerful to change how you think about your home than to change some random habit. Bonus, it’s less work too!

When our thoughts and approach to our home are lined up with our priorities, then the actions come a lot easier.

1. Check Your Mindset

✨”There is more joy to be found in owning less than can ever be found in organizing more.” ✨ I’ve latched onto this quote from Joshua Becker for a few years now.

When I first read these words I desperately hoped they were true, because for years I assumed my problem was that I wasn’t a natural organizer and I needed to learn how to organize better.

Organizing to perfection is one way to have a tidy home, but there’s another perfectly valid way that works great for imperfectionists like us–SIMPLY HAVE LESS STUFF. Praise hands! 🙌🏼

Does that mean I have to get rid of stuff to the point of sadness, emptiness and total lack? No way, why do we automatically take it to that extreme?! It means we’re allowed to keep only the stuff that we adore, the stuff that we truly use and need, and we are free to get rid of the rest.

It means we get to, and need to, be mindful of having ENOUGH.

For the past two years, I’ve tried to live by the motto ’tis better to own less, than organize more. Maybe you are ready to believe that too?

2. Adopt One New Habit

Once I have the right focus–I’m able to put into practice all those fabulous tips that the organizing gurus are sharing!! NOPE. Don’t try to incorporate every good idea at once. Instead focus on one tip that can become a habit.

One of my favorite organizing queens is Marie Kondo, and the one tip of hers that has altered the way I’m able to see what I really have so that I can draw that line at ENOUGH is to 🙌🏼 sort by category, not by location.🙌🏼

Stop the world.

I’ve been decluttering and organizing wrong my entire life and didn’t realize it!

In the olden days I’d pick a room or a drawer or a area and make all sorts of decluttering decisions based on what was in that area. But then, two days later (if was lucky enough to stick with my organizing goals that long) I’d come to another part of the house that held the same kind of stuff, and I made more decisions based on what was in that area.

Don’t do what I did.

Instead of organizing/decluttering all my office supplies at once, I had to organize office stuff three different times, once in the living room when I got to the drawer of Pens N’Stuff, once in the kitchen when I got to the other drawer of Pens N’Stuff and once again when I got to my actual office full of Pens N’Stuff.

Marie taught me to organize all my Pens N’Stuff at one time. Category, not location. GLORY!

This year, instead of starting off with gusto only to leave behind half finished projects, consider picking a new mindset and one new habit to try out in your home.


In the spirit of getting things tidy and clean here’s a brand new freebie for the new year that won’t add to the clutter, but will help keep your home sparkling and smelling 💞🍋.

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