Inspiration for your Home, Soul & Life // Weekend Links

kitchencornerKitchen mini-makeover reveal // Jones Design Company

guest suiteGuest Suite Reveal // Claire Brody Designs

table scapeOne more image from the reveal above because it’s so good–but I’m not even giving away the best part, the bed. If you love color and pattern and layers you will love this makeover!

dipped heartWhy & how to stop citing Pinterest as a source // Shades of Blue Interiors

school roomNew School Room // Mockabee Seven

calmThree things I’m doing to keep life calm // Deidra Riggs

bullet journal7 Bonus Bullet Journal Lessons // Lazy Genius Collective

chasing slow

I’m currently reading Chasing Slow for the second time–it’s that good. I got my hands on an early copy this summer to read for endorsement but the timing was off and Chad and I were leaving for a big trip and I couldn’t finish it. I hated that I couldn’t get my endorsement finished in time–so here it is: READ THIS BOOK.  You probably already know Erin from her blog: Design for Mankind–she’s a stylist and lover of design who is so intentional about how she lives her life full of grace and quiet purpose. The perfect January read!




How to Monday


Happy Monday!

Aren’t Mondays the best and also worst? Often they come too quickly, and sometimes, because I love my work, I really look forward to Monday. After Sundaying it’s nice to get back into the swing of things.

Long ago I learned a Monday hack that I’ve continued to use.

NEVER schedule anything on a Monday.

No phone conference.

No hair appointments.

No coffee dates.

No course launch.

No ortho appointments for the boys.

No big grocery store shopping.

No thrifting (this is a Friday activity, duh)


As an INTJ/5w4 having an appointment on Monday absolutely ruins my Sunday, but mostly as a human, Monday represents my entire week and I want to jump in a get a few things done the way I need to do them without my schedule being the boss of me. In some ways Monday is the most powerful day when it comes to my work so I want to protect it the best I can.

Mondaying with you,



Weekend Links


Our modern English country kitchen // Emily Henderson   One thing I’m adding to my routine this year // Art of Simple How I purged our house from top to bottom for the last time // Thrifty Decor Chic The only two organizing tips you’ll ever need  // from the archives since I insist on […]

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New Year’s Deal Alert :: Bathroom Edition


Today I’m coming to you from our teenage boys bathroom. We updated it last year and I’m still really happy with how it looks and how it’s holding up. We are currently doing a budget friendly update to our master bath–Chad surprised me with the idea for Christmas–he’s doing all the work (with Sean’s coaching) […]

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How to Give Your Home a Fresh Start Without Joy-Spark Testing Everything You Own


  My house and I are ready for a simpler time. Starting in the fall I find myself slowly adding in layers of coziness–a few extra pillows, magnolia leaves, an extra candle here and there and there, and by the time January rolls around, my surfaces are overflowing, and I kind of forget what my […]

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Christmas Tour of Homes 2016 & A Call to Action for Cozy Minimalists

kitchen for realz

Welcome to the 2016 Christmas Tour of homes! Thank you for checking in and opening up your imperfect home to strangers on the internet. I’ll quickly go first, y’all, I’ve been sick for about two weeks now. Here’s my Christmas kitchen: The house looks clean and orderly when I zoom in… Long story here–we decided […]

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