Three Mantras

I’ve never been one to put a bunch of random inspirational quotes all over my office, locker or dorm, no matter the decade.

I’m a minimalist with a side of cozy, (or coziest with a side of minimal depending on the day) so anything I have up on my walls has to earn its keep.

But over time, I’ve collected a few thoughts that have made a huge difference in helping me know what to focus on. I wrote them on plain white notecards and taped them to my wall.

As I’ve applied these three mantras to my work, I realized they can help in almost every situation in life. Especially when I’m not sure how to figure out my Next Right Thing.

Whether you are living in a fixer upper, facing a big project or figuring out what to cook for dinner, maybe this can help you too:

Do what you know

Use what you have

Finish what you started

For more, listen to this Episode of The Next Right Thing Podcast where my sister Emily (the decision making QUEEN) and I talk about decision making and I share about how the three mantras have helped me stay focused.

The {Cozy} Minimal List

I’m loving the balance happening in this photo: the masculine/feminine, the round/straight/organic shapes, the serious/playful, the lights/contrasts plus, there are a pair of swings over there on the right. Here’s how to make your own indoor swings from Simply Suzys

‘Tis the season for a hat wall. I’m updating my hat wall (I just use command hooks) but I love this DIY Hanging Hat Organizer by Gypsy Tan.

Chocolate Bunny Cocktail // Craft and Cocktails

PS, The Spring Class closes Monday night.

If you need to freshen up your home for spring but don’t want to invest in plastic flowers and ceramic animals, this class is for you.

Go through the entire class in an hour and have your home looking more like spring tonight. Plus, an entire pep talk from your bossy big sister (me) all about how to host spring gatherings like a normal person who isn’t dreading having people over. You’ll be volunteering your home for gatherings before you know it!

My Number One Tip for Starting Any Home Project

A new friend texted me three photos of three different, beautiful chandeliers with the words: “Which one for over our kitchen table?”. I had never been to her house so I didn’t know what we were working with, much less, the look she was after.  I told her I had no idea because they were all lovely, but if she could […]

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A Different Kind of Minimalist

This weekend we hosted a┬áparty for our middle son who graduated early from high school. This was the first big gathering we’ve hosted since The Nest Fest in October, and we wanted to have the party in our backyard.┬á┬á We┬ácompletely, 100%, undeniably underestimated the amount of work that needed to be done just to get […]

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The {Cozy} Minimal List

Entry Makeover with Removable Wallpaper // Nesting With Grace A Modern and Moody Bedroom Reveal // Chris Loves Julia Life in the During Phase of a Fixer Upper // The Art of Simple If you need some gardening encouragement, you’ll enjoy following Nicole from Rooted Garden on Instagram. Master List of Low Light Indoor Plants […]

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Your Surfaces Declare Your Purposes

For years, I assumed every surface in our home was my personal playground–a place to display my unique style. I would fiddle and fret and change up each surface until I had it just right. The dining room table had a grouping of pretty things. The hearth was filled with baskets that were filled with […]

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