A Cozy Minimalist Spring Home

Today I’m joining up with some friends for an early spring tour.

So if you are here from Leanna’s place, welcome!

Whether you’re getting snow this weekend or sitting out by the pool I hope this tour encourages and inspires you to make your house your home and to spring it up a bit. Be sure to visit the other homes in the tour (I’ve got links at the end of this post) and since I know you’d prefer photos to words, I’ll leave you to it…

canvas by lindsay letters

ribbon by angela blehm


see more of our kitchen here

bag from fashion & compassion

Hey winter, it’s closing time…


Thanks for stopping by!

I absolutely love decorating for the seasons and I ADORE seasonal decor so much that a few years ago, I realized it was taking over my life. I’m not tidy or organized enough to keep my seasonal decor in check, so I decided to see if I could decorate seasonally without having to keep up with bins of decor or relying on store-bought decorations.

It worked!

Our home is simply styled, yet still feels like spring. And it’s so much easier for me to care for. Praise Hands.

If you need a spring decor reboot, I’d love for you to check out my Cozy Minimalist Spring class. 

Sign up below and I’ll send you my 26-page, full color Furniture & Decor Shopping Guide today.

And, be sure to check out Brendt’s spring home next, she’s the host of the tour…


Make sure to check out the following homes

Early Spring Home Tours!

Mid County Journal
/ Classic Cottage / Clare and Grace Designs
The Nester / She Gave It A Go / The Tattered Pew
Grace In My Space / Pollie’s Place/ Saw Dust Angel

We Want to See Your Spring Home

You’re invited!

We’re doing it again, a seasonal virtual open house!

Show up and share your home with a community of imperfectionists, spring-celebrators and pretty-layer-lovers. To join in, simply post photos on Instagram during the month of March and tag them with #MyCozySpringHome .

For some of you, the snow hasn’t even begun to melt. And for others of you (including me) you feel like you were cheated out of winter. That doesn’t take away from the fact that the first day of spring is March 20th. Ready or not, here it comes, let’s celebrate spring together.

Check out the daily prompts, take a photo of your spring home with that prompt in mind and post one photo per day on Instagram. The key is to use the hashtag #MyCozySpringHome –that way we can all find each other.

We’ll start March 1. Download the graphic above by filling out the form below, or if you are already on my email list, I’ll send you the graphic on February 28. Post the graphic above with the daily prompts on your Instagram account on day one so your community knows what you’ll be doing. Invite them to join in too–all are welcome!

You can also grab the graphic from my instagram @thenester.

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