A Summer Table

‘Tis the season to do everything outside and I couldn’t be happier!

I recently partnered with At Home for a “Perfect One” challenge. The idea was to start with something you already had and then add in a few finds from At Home to complete the look. Yes, please.

I started with this farmhouse table that I bought at a yard sale nine years ago. You’ve seen this table all over my house and since we moved here, it’s been under the barn porch.

I really wanted an extra surface near our grill to set meat, drinks and appetizers on while we hung out on the house porch, so we moved it over to the house.

Then I went to At Home looking for some amazing lanterns to add some cozy lighting and big style. I found a lot more than lanterns of course…

I couldn’t help myself. This is more like the perfect eight. And I HELD BACK!

I narrowed down my choices, being picky with what comes into our home and wanting lots of style and function with each piece. I looked for:

  1. Large scale items
  2. Neutral colors
  3. Multi-functional pieces (it’s got to earn it’s keep, it can’t just sit there and look pretty, we have to be able to use it)

My trip to At Home was so fun and productive.

I like a little bit rustic and a little bit modern and I’m thrilled with what I found.

I decided to add two black metal chairs from At Home, they’re a traditional style with a modern edge.

And that basket with the fern in it? I bought that last year from, yep, you guessed it, At Home. I did notice that they still carry it if you’re interested.

And of course I found two charming white lanterns.

Y’all At Home is THE place to go for lanterns, they have aisles of them.

I love how versatile lanterns are–they look good in the summer with a backdrop of trees, but they’ll also look good in the fall, at Christmas and in the spring time. Plus, they don’t just look pretty, they add candlelight. And, bonus, you can use them inside or outside.

I also bought a super rustic live edge wood serving tray with rope handles, a quirky faux bois planter, a huge textural beach bag and a boat shaped crackle white vase.

The table looks great all day, every day when it’s styled with those few pieces.

But it really shines when you add life with food and flowers…

This is why I LOVE using neutrals for the base of most of our home. The color comes from the food and drinks and flowers and dish towels or table cloths. And I can change it up depending on the event or season.

If you are in need of a summer surface on your patio, shop your house for any kind of surface and then style it with a few large, neutral multi-functional items and I promise you’ll get a beautiful tables cape that will serve you for years.

thanks to At Home for sponsoring this post

At Home doesn’t offer online shopping, but you can browse at AtHome.com and find a store near you here.

Three Mantras

I’ve never been one to put a bunch of random inspirational quotes all over my office, locker or dorm, no matter the decade.

I’m a minimalist with a side of cozy, (or coziest with a side of minimal depending on the day) so anything I have up on my walls has to earn its keep.

But over time, I’ve collected a few thoughts that have made a huge difference in helping me know what to focus on. I wrote them on plain white notecards and taped them to my wall.

As I’ve applied these three mantras to my work, I realized they can help in almost every situation in life. Especially when I’m not sure how to figure out my Next Right Thing.

Whether you are living in a fixer upper, facing a big project or figuring out what to cook for dinner, maybe this can help you too:

Do what you know

Use what you have

Finish what you started

For more, listen to this Episode of The Next Right Thing Podcast where my sister Emily (the decision making QUEEN) and I talk about decision making and I share about how the three mantras have helped me stay focused.

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