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31 days

Every day for years–I think six years now, I’ve hosted a 31 Day writing challenge in October. Thousands of you have joined in and taken the challenge to write on your blog, on one topic every day in the month of October. Consider this your formal invitation to join 31 Days this year.

Writing for 31 Days on one topic has helped my writing so much. Three of my topics from three different years were directly related to chapters in my book–31 Days helped me start the work and hear from you about what I missed, what I got wrong and what I got right.

nester & crystal

And this year, I’m passing the torch, this year, my dear friend, Crystal will be the new hostess of 31 Days! I’m so thrilled that this community will be cared for by such a brilliant woman who has such a big heart for online communities. A big heart for 31 Days.

You’ll be encouraged and heard and I cannot wait to see how she grows this community.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be taking the year off from writing every day in October, but I look forward to joining in again in the future.

I’d love for you to go meet Crystal, check out the 31 Days site (be sure to leave your email address so you’ll be in the loop.) Crystal is even hosting a weekly 31 Days encouragement session on Periscope every Wednesday in September. All of your questions should be answered at the 31 days site. It’s been such a pleasure 31 Daying with you!

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