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Thrifting is currently my favorite way to add beauty to my home for pennies on the dollar.  I like it because thrift stores have lots of hours as opposed to a few hours on a Saturday morning, and the merchandise is different every time you visit a store.  Walking into a thrift store is always and adventure.

One of my favorite finds is that sofa table up there that we use at the end of our bed.  It was $20 and I planned on painting it but, it hasn’t annoyed me enough yet to put forth the effort.  Also, scroll up again~the huge lantern hanging over our bed?  Habitat ReStore I think it was $30.

I still love my chair that I found at the Salvation Army for $35. Remember, I just painted the wood white?

Half the stuff on top of my table was thrifted.

Some of my other favorite finds are my $8 glass lamp bases and my $20 green chair and $10 shutters over the fireplace.

I forgot to tell you that the stitching started coming out of the green chair.  My husband loves that chair so, I took it to a local upholsterer and for $45 got it all fixed.  I’ve never had a piece of furniture that I felt was worth repairing like this but it’s a sturdy little Hickory Chair piece and is super comfy.

Doesn’t it look like our dog has a weird, fat tounge?  It’s really just my little fella’s blurry hand.

Of course who can forget my white slipcovered chair?  I’m a slipcover evangelist here to testify to the life changing effects of white slips.  The original chair is hideous but was only $12. Oh, and right here’s my $15 thrifted coffee table too.

One of my most recent finds~The Copper Twins. They looked like barf upholstered onto darker barf when I bought them.  It took about $2 and 45 minutes to transform them into their current state of glory.  And half the stuff on that table is thrifted too.  Plus that black frame hanging on my shutter on the fireplace: thrifted.

Thrift Stores are a fantastic way to furnish your home.  The two main ingredients needed are patience and persistance.  Thrifting is a state of mind, you have to be open to see things as they could be~and if you are willing to take a risk, the payoff might be fantastic.


This is going to be epic, beast and other trendy words my boys use.  It’s an I heart thrifting everywhere party hosted by our fearless leader and Nate Show thrifting genius guru favorite, Rashon Carraway, Mr. Goodwill Hunting.

Lots and lots of people will be getting together in lots of cities to meet up at a thrift shop and find great deals together. Check out Mr. Goodwill Hunting, Rashon’s blog today to see some of the locations, more are being added and anyone can volunteer to host a meet up.  I’m going to be at a local Habitat ReStore here in Charlotte along with Caroline and Angela and Rashon is going to be there as well .  We will be at 1133 North Wendover Road Habitat for Humanity ReStore. This is a big store with lots of furniture and housewares, I think they even have a little coffee and book shop.  I’ll be there at 10am. We would LOVE for YOU to join us!

If you would like to host an I heart thrifting Day in your area, just contact Rashon.

Plus you will want to get yourself a cute I {internet symbol for} heart thrifting t shirt…

I promised Rashon I would take a photo of myself in my cute shirt and then this morning 6 minutes after I woke up I remembered I hadn’t taken a photo and my camera battery was dead and I shattered the glass on my phone yesterday but instagram came through anyway.  It really does say i heart thrifting.  Not i less than 3 rifting.  I don’t even know what rifting is.

Here’s Rashon in his shirt.  Something tells me he was much more prepared for his closeup.  He looks put together all. the. time.  Hence the bowtie on the shirt, he is nothing if not dapper and style is an art form for him and he doesn’t disappoint.  Plus he’s really talented and a connoisseur of thrift.  If you haven’t met him yet you are in for some fun.

If you are local, leave a comment and let me know if you think you can join us at the Charlotte area location 1133 North Wendover Road Habitat for Humanity ReStore July 9th, 10am.

You can get your cute t shirt here.

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