Good Things Come in Pears

glass lamps

I found a pair of lamps at my local Value Village Thrift Store.

This particular Value Village has not shown me any love in months. I didn’t even want to go in but my husband was looking for T-shirts so, I figured it couldn’t hurt.  And then the angels were singing and there was a bright light shining down.  Not really.  Contrary to cartoons, that rarely happens.

Here’s what I actually saw in the store.  Only they were separated by about 12 feet with a bunch of other stuff packed in between.  And remember the first rule of thrifting: everything looks worse in the store.  I had to look past these mildewed, rotted lampshades {anyone have a hazmat suit I can borrow to remove these?} and try to ignore the weirdness that is packed within. But, feast your eyes on a shapely pair of demijohn style glass bottles.  Truly a treasure hidden in plain site.  Whenever you find one lamp in a thrift store, always scour the store to see if there is another one, it’s even worth asking an employee just in case because a pair of lamps is thrice the find of a single lamp.  I’ve always wanted to use the word thrice.

I find it hard to believe that anyone would ever pay $279 for one of these bottles.  These lamps were a whopping $8.18 each.

They each have a hole large enough to stick my fist through. I guess that’s so people can stuff it full of junk.  I like them empty and you can’t even tell there’s a hole when you turn them around.  The wire is completely broken on one of the lamps so I’m going to attempt to replace it.  I’ll be sure to document that when I get to it.

Here are the lamps I had before.  I really like those lamps and I wasn’t looking to replace them. Although, ever since we got that Ikea shelf they felt less substantial than when I had them on the big dresser.  As you can see I’m trying to compensate for their scale by adding tchotchkes~a sure sign that something is amiss.

When I bought these lamps it was so they could sit on my $18 yard sale dresser flanking the $20 sunburst mirror I made. I loved these lamps on the dresser but we had to use it for our tv a few months back and then I got that Ikea shelf and it never felt quite right over there.  The shelf is a few inches shorter and I’ve considered adding casters to make it higher.

When I first saw the glass bottle lamp I knew it would be perfect for a spot in our breakfast area.  But, once I noticed there were two of them, I HAD to buy both.  And there wasn’t room for two lamps in the breakfast area so I popped off the shades from the lamps you see up there {including the harp that squeezes into the part the holds the light bulb and popped them onto the new lamp bases.

image via how stuff works

I’m going to have to change what’s on the wall though because all I see when I look at this is a cyclops with a moustache and embarrassing small antlers flanked by a pair of pears.  And that will be another post.

PS, does anyone else think that the word moustache/mustache is the funniest word in existence?

I hope you continue to follow my sister and the other compassion bloggers this week.  And if you haven’t experienced a good round of the chills lately, read this post.

Updated photo because I am vain.

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  1. Nice find! Rewiring is easy peasy. If I can do it, anyone can – especially you!

  2. who won the giveaway

  3. I LOVE those! Such a great reminder to see potential instead of what is. And the plus side-if you totally mess up, you only lost a few bucks!

  4. Okay, I know you will appreciate my disappointment when I tell you that I found a pair of brass lamps at my local thrift store last week. The design was good, so I brought them home with the intention of updating them with paint and fabulous new shades. I left them at the end of my VERY long driveway, away from the road. I came back a couple of hours later, around 2pm, to clean them and start painting them, and they were GONE! I’m still kind of shocked that someone swiped them. They WERE sitting by my trash container but about 50 yards from the road. Isn’t proper etiquette to always wait until the trash is by the road before picking it up?

  5. SCORE!!!!!!!!!

  6. totally with you on the pottery barn glass jars. LOVE your new lamps. major score! also, thanks for sharing my mistreatments the other day!

  7. I am laughing over here about this post! Hysterical! (Great find on the pears by the way!!)

  8. thanks for the laugh! i can’t stop smiling after reading this post :o)

  9. Very funny post! That last picture was awesome!!

  10. Not that you need ANY opinions or direction on decorating but, the more I look at that Ikea shelf thingy, the more I can see it with some kind of legs. I think you’re on to something.

    This seems like such a pitifully pitiful suggestion after reading Emily’s posts the last three days – please accept my apology – decorating is a drug for me I guess.

  11. Wow. I *never* find pretty lamp pairs (pears!) at my value village. I LOOOVE those. They look so expensive! Great find! (Also, great post title. :)

  12. My kids just shorten the word to ‘stache and maybe it is because it’s such a strange word.

    Although I think the new strange word is BroStache, which my kids have already downloaded as an app from the new Geico commercial for their ipod. Seriously, it resembles your wall and it’s pretty funny.

    I hope you find a new home for the blue lamps. I love them.

  13. LOL I have to admit that when I first saw the picture, I thought that was a mustache. I am seeing a lot of mustache things around the internet, so you never know. haha I laughed so hard at your description. I do love those lamps, great find!

  14. Kristina says


    Love the wall o’ mustache.

    “Underpants”. Just sayin’.

  15. When my daughter was tiny she would call her Daddy’s moustache a “mushbrown”…..too funny and I have no idea why she called it that, but thanks for reminding of that cute memory.

  16. LAUGH out LOUD hilarious. LOVe your finds and your spiffy new site! ;)

  17. Girl, you are killing me with this one…love your crazy pear, cyclops, mustache face! Those lamps are gorgeous!!! Total jackpot. I’m lovin’ your new space by the way and all the fun extra “rooms” to explore.

  18. Rewiring a lamp is super easy and super cheap! Under $3.00 at walmart for a kit and complete instructions included! Great find!

  19. Actually my favorite word is juxtapose!!

  20. Amazing creativity! I really like those lamps. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  21. Hilarious!!!!!

  22. Keep these articles coming as they’ve oepned many new doors for me.

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  25. thanks for this post Nester! I found 1 of these and a non-pear shaped one at a yard sale today (8/6/11) and paid $5 for the pair…woo hoo! Now I just need to track down decent shades for them…so excited!

  26. Where did you get the other lamps from? The deep blue ceramic ones? I love them all!

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