How I’m Gonna Run Four Blogs

A few weeks ago this site got a makeover and at the same time I added Window Mistreatments, Content to Rent and The Nest files.  Wanna know how I plan to run them all?

I’m going to run four blogs all wrong.

I gave myself permission to do it all wrong as soon as I decided to start a few more blogs.  Sometimes, that’s the only way I can do something~if I’m ok with not doing it 100% perfect.

Normally, when people start any kind of business or new website they make big plans for a big launch complete with a big parade, bands and a wardrobe malfunction.  Maybe they call Kate Middleton WhateverHerLastNameIsNow to see if she can smash a bottle of champagne across their new logo.

I’m starting three new blogs and then hoping to slow down my schedule just a little for summer. What?  That is the wrong way to start a blog. It sure it.  But it’s the right way to have sanity during the summer.  My goal once again is to Do Less and Be More and I cannot even tell you how agonizing it’s been with the timing of these new sites.


How can I run four great blogs with great content and be home with my boys every day this summer?


I kind of can’t.

Remember why I started Window MisTreatments and Content to Rent? Both came from the idea of an ebook.  But I didn’t like the finality of finishing an ebook and then not being able to include other great ideas and links to you all who come up with creative new ways to do things on a daily basis.  So back in February I decided I should start three more websites.  Nest Files is the third but it’s just an extension of what I was already doing at my tumblr blog.  I figured I’d have those sites up and running at the end of March and truck away at them for a few months while my boys were in school.  Naturally, the design for those blogs was done the last week of school.  And we only have 18 summers~they aren’t something I’m willing to compromise in order to start other sites the right way.

The site you are reading right now, Nesting Place will always be the main focus and my baby.  Here you will get the same kind of posts you have for years, hope, encouragement and lighthearted decorating and housey thinking.  I always post less during the summer at Nesting Place, and this year is no exception.  I’m not willing to let those other blogs get in the way of what I want to do here. If something is ignored it’s not gonna be my kids or husband or Nesting Place.   It will be those other sites.  Poor things.

Window MisTreatments and Content to Rent are designed to be more resource type curation sites.  Both will have pillar posts, for example window mistreatment will have post like How to Buy Fabric, What’s a Window Mistreatment, Common Mistreatment Weapons Tools.  And Content to Rent will feature posts like How to Find a Rental Home, 10 Fast Ways to Cozy up Your Rental but, both sites will also heavily feature projects from you.  I’m not planning on writing every day for C2R and Wm.  I hope to write there once a week~once school starts.  And go ahead and expect sporadic, inconsistent random posting this summer. Again with the all wrong blogging.  I’m ok with that.

Also, I have a new secret weapon to help keep me sane…

Her name is Caroline and she’s my mentor in organization.  And she’s really pretty.  And she’s one of my dearest friends. Many of you already know her because she’s active online and has a reputation for being incredibly encouraging. I mentioned Caroline to Gussy while she and I were talking on the phone yesterday and Gussy was all, “Caroline {insert last name}? Oh, she sent me the nicest note in the real mail!”.  See what I mean?!

I’ve known for a while that I need help at Nesting Place but the thought of trusting someone scared me.  I never guessed that the someone who would rescue me would be someone I already knew so well.  Caroline told the whole story of how this came about at her blog. She has already taken over billing and communication for the private ads here at Nesting Place.  She also formats the posts at Window Mistreatments and I’m planning on her being the editor for the guest posts at Content to Rent.  And then I would like to move to the mountains and have her run my life because she is that intentional and amazing.   If you are going to Relevant this year you can meet her, we’ll be rooming together~we’ll be the ones hyper ventilating after the plane ride.  I just called it a plane ride. Makes it sound like the Wright Brothers will be our pilots.


And for the record, besides Caroline, I have a few other people who help behind the scenes: Darcy the amazing, long-suffering graphic designer who makes Nesting Place pretty {I still think she might be a mind reader}, Daisy Olsen, WordPress developer and Genesis theme framework specialist…I call her the coding genus who makes Nesting Place work,  she also updates stuff and does backup so I don’t have to think. And then of course my husband.  Nesting Place simply wouldn’t exist without him and his encouragement.  And my dad and my sister put up with me all the time talking through how I think about the Nest and what I’m planning and on and on and on.

Anyhow, I think it’s important for you to know that I’m not doing stuff by myself.  And I’m purposely allowing myself to be slack with those other sites. And if you don’t know this about me, I’m kind of business minded so in some ways it kills me not to attack these new sites and launch the heck out of them.  In some ways, slowing down was a hard decision.

So yes, those other sites are live and you can visit them, there’s links up at the top of the blog, teaser posts in the sidebar and I’ll link here as well: Window Mistreatments, Content to Rent, Nest Files. I’m still tweaking the design and as soon as I figure out how you can subscribe to each one separately, I’ll let you know.  In the meantime, thank you for putting up with me while I do things slow, wrong and my own way.  And happy summer to you. I hope you find the perfect balance of intention, purpose and rest during these long but fleeting days.


Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.

~James Dean



  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing this…it has been hard for me, also, to slow down this summer. I don’t want to ignore the time with my girlies. I am trying to be purposeful in being more and doing less…to enjoy the lazy days of summer by the pool. hugs!

  2. Smart. Nester you are smart. Enjoy the time you have with your boys, they grow too quickly! We will all still be here when you get back up to full speed (like we have any place else to go)!

  3. Congrats to you! I know you’ll do it all fabulously!

  4. If you figure out how to do it and remain sane without electronic equipment in the loo, please share!!!!!!!!
    meanwhile enjoy the boys, and see you when you get to post wherever that is,
    (Thanks for the Renters tips)

  5. Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is to ask for help, isn’t it? I need to take a lesson from you and gather the courage to ask for help more often. Love your blogs!

  6. Bravo! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with reaching for the stars, as long as you don’t let the journey distract you from life. And it sounds like your priorities are in place! I hope your new sites are just as successful as this awesome blog. My goal for this summer (and, really, beyond) is to continue to share on my blog regularly, but not get caught up with computer stuff…spend more time with my girls. :) Happy Summer!

  7. Anonymous says

    Thank you. Thank you for your blog by-line “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”. That has been a reminder to me on so many levels. And thank you, too, for the reminder that we only have so many summers with our kids. It’s easy to forget that. In my case, I sometimes dread them, because I have a child with autism who hates having his schedule disrupted. But my other boy doesn’t and I want to rmember that I have 6 more summers…

  8. Please also think of the less posting on the blogs as somewhat of a gift to your readers. Great, inspiring new posts on my favorite blogs can really distract me from the things (and people) that should be the focus of my attention. After reading more than one blogger talk about slowing down for the summer, I’ve decided to purposefully not read blogs a few days a week. Knowing that I won’t be “behind” on reading makes it a very easy call. Thank you for not only being open about how you have decided to balance it all, but also for removing a bit of temptation for me.

  9. Thank you. Thank you for your blog by-line “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful”. That has been a reminder to me on so many levels. And thank you, too, for the reminder that we only have so many summers with our kids. It’s easy to forget that. In my case, I sometimes dread them, because I have a child with autism who hates having his schedule disrupted. But my other boy doesn’t have autism and I want to remember that I have 6 more summers with him…

  10. Dumb question alert: if I’m subscribed to through RSS, will I also get updates for your new blogs, or do I need to do some additional subscribing?

    • smart question–and the answer is no :{ I didn’t want to bombard everyone with specific stuff they didn’t want, but I think there will be a one click option to subscribe to everything? maybe…Darcy?

      • I was wondering the same thing. I’d like to just be on the list to get updates for all of them, but I noticed that when I am on the “Window Mistreatments” page, for example, and try to describe, it seems to just want to subscribe me to what I am already subscribed to…the Nester??? Clarification on all this will be helpful. Don’t want to miss a thing!! :)

  11. Between your post today and Emily’s post @ chatting at the sky, I am in tears. I love that you do not do it all by yourself. That helps this technology challenged girl tremendously.
    enjoy your summer!
    kelly in hot and humid georgia

  12. It’s nice to know what comes first in your busy life…your family. They grow so fast and before you know it they are gone. Believe me, I know!! Glad you figured that now,cause we can’t go back and change that!!

  13. can’t stop laughing over the lazyboy toilet seat. diy’er forthcoming, right???

  14. When I saw the picture of Caroline, I thought you had hired a cute college girl to help you. After reading her blog for a few minutes, I now realize she might be a little out of college (the 11 year-old and the four kids kinda clued me in), but cute still applies! Sounds like the 2 of you have a fun future, and we are excited to see what you have planned. Now off to check out the recipe for the “BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER”!

  15. That’s great. You should be slack enjoy your summer with your kids/family: for it will be the only 2011 summer you will ever have! It is great you have so many encouraging people around you! has been my huge encouragement!

  16. I love a girl who knows when it’s time to slow down. I’ve been working on shop-related things a lot this month, and last night I had a dream that I had to go to an Amish-themed party for somebody I know from Etsy. Even the dream was stressful and weird. Time to take a break! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Caroline (a different one!) says

    This is so inspiring. I have always wanted to start a blog but I too always felt the pressure that if I don’t give it 110% then why bother. Thanks for letting us know that giving it, oh 50% is ok too!

    • Caroline, yes, anything worth doing well is worth doing 50% right? The only things that MUST be done to perfection are taxes and brushing your teeth!

  18. I cannot tell you how much I love your blog(s). I so look forward to opening my reader and seeing a post from you. And I am really looking forward to more on the Content to Rent site as we have just become renters ourselves for the first time in over 7 years. I am so excited about the house – – so I cannot wait for tips on decorating it!

  19. Last Friday I wrote a post entitled “Wonder Woman Does Not Exist”. I let readers know that it was week three of summer vacation with kids home and I was failing miserably at trying to write two blogs, keep up with my design business, start an online business, write all my own html and create graphic designs for both blogs, as well as responding to all of the communication via email and the blogs personally.
    Then here you are. Validating me. I knew Martha Stewart had people, but who knew that Nester had people. For everything that I am doing I am doing ok. That’s good enough. Nester told me so. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  20. I have three words: Good. For. You.

    Well, actually, I have more than three, of course. But those are the main ones. And I know what I’m talking about. My Will turned 20 in May; Preston turned 18 last week. That’s two of my three boys, all “officially” grown up now.

    It’s good for kids to see their moms working hard and succeeding at things. That’s true. But most of all, it’s good for kids to SEE their moms. The moms that are right there. Available to them. Able to be their moms. Willing to put other things aside. Content to sometimes let good opportunities pass by because they know the days are long, but the years are short. Really short.

    Again, those three words: Good for you. Thanks for writing about this.

    Love ya!

  21. Summer days are meant to be savored, though even I have to force myself to do it. Enjoy every minute. Soak peaches in wine, sit back, and embrace your days! Happy Summer!

  22. Wonderful! I need permission to “do it all wrong”. I so often undertake new things expecting of myself that I will be a pro at it. Not so much. You being you is such an encouragement. I {heart} you!!!! Blessings!

  23. I believe in you and look up to you! I have seen you grow these last 3-4 years…and I could not be more proud! I wish you the VERY best…Xo, Meme

  24. Thanks for posting this. I can only imagine how much work goes into a blog, since I’m not a blogger myself. But, I truly respect and appreciate when bloggers are open about all that they canNOT do.

    One idea for your blogs (and you may already have this) is one RSS feed for all four blogs. I tend to forget about blogs if they are not in my reader. If you already have this, please someone point it out to me bc I’m missing it. Thanks for all that you do!! Enjoy your summer!!!

  25. yay for help!!! and yay for not letting your blog run your life. because seriously, who ever lays on their deathbed and says “I wish I would have blogged more.”

  26. Great post Nester. I’m a new blogger, and I’ve decided to take the whole summer off. Not the greatest way to get new followers huh?

  27. Thank you for being real. It’s nice to know that all of you successful super-mom’s need help to make it all work. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one. I think it’s great that you can set the boundary and keep your priorities straight. Bravo!

  28. yay! that’s all.

  29. Thank you for posting this Nester. It was very inspiring and freeing. I WANT my husband and our home to come BEFORE blogging. It seems guilt always happens no matter what I do, but this post has helped me to release myself from perfection a little more. Blogging IS a hobby after all – thanks for the reminder!

  30. Virginia Mom says

    You mention that you only have 18 summers and you are very wise to recognize that every day of every one counts. I had only 16 summers with my wonderful first-born (first adopted) son. We were blessed to become his parents when he was nearly 2 years old and he went off with the U.S. Marines at 18 (and yes, I am the proudest Marine Mom in the country!) He is now a grown-up with a grown-up house and a grown-up career.

    None of us knows how many summers we really will get to have with these precious gifts. As much as I enjoy reading your blogs, I will gladly sacrifice an article or two, knowing that your family is spending time together.

    Enjoy it all!

  31. Cassandra says

    Thanks for posting this. I think we all sometimes get too involved with blogging that we lose sight of more important things (ie-family). I commend you on your priorities and I don’t doubt for a minute that you will still be successful while cutting back. You are amazing! Congrats on the launch of three new blogs lady!

  32. blah, blah, blah

  33. THIS is exactly why I’m here. I could care less about my house (I am trying to care more). I DO care that I have 3, 4, and 6 summers left. I want to love with wild abandon and surround myself with people who will encourage me to do that well. Your blog inspires me to make my home comfortable and inviting for family and guests, while keeping my priorities in line. Thanks!

  34. it’s a great compromise! and she’s adorable.

  35. Jennifer H says

    You can never get your summers back. Enjoy your boys. We will always be here.

  36. Hi, I love your blog ! Im from eastern Canada – the Maritimes . Thanks for all your posts, and I think you are very smart to take the summer for your family and yourself. The days fly by so FAST – I have 3 grown now. Cherish every day ……and I will still be hanging around to catch up with you on a rainy day , or in the fall. Enjoy the sun ! :)

  37. yea for both you and caroline! Love you both and love getting to know you both better!!

  38. Nester,
    You inspire me to do so many things and this coulde not have come at a more perfect time for me. I’m a teacher and so today was my last day of work. I will have my 4-year-old twins home with me all summer and will definitely disappoint my own worst critic (myself) for not being the super wife, mom, house cleaner, cook, and business owner (oh yeah, I make stationery and invitations “on the side”)! Well, you know what- I’m going to be content with whatever I can do each day. Because it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. ;) And the reason why I do all of those jobs is because of 3 very important people- my husband and children. So, this summer I’m going to work on just being there for them and letting the dust pile up a day or 2 longer.

  39. Paola Norman says

    Enjoy your summer! You and your family deserve it! Besides I think people in general spend less time on the computer in the summer and more time enjoying the season.

  40. I love that you are doing it the RIGHT way, Nester! I’m so excited about all your new sites, and I am so glad that you are being a true example to the rest of blogworld of how to prioritize the important stuff in life.
    Enjoy your summer with your boys! :)
    p.s. See you at Relevant!

  41. This is why we love you Nester! Thank you for being real and imperfect and making your 18 summers more important than your blog(s.) In a way it gives us permission to do the same. And if you decide to start a 5th blog, it should be of hilarious photos like the ones in the post. I was dying!

  42. Your followers adore you, Nester! Enjoy your family and the gift of Heather and the others who are behind the scenes this summer and breathe, just breathe. When I started blogging (officially in 2010), I got so overwhelmed thinking I had to do it all so I stopped and just kept reading blogs. I could pour over them for hours on end (your’s being one of them), by the way. ;) I was overwhelmed by the amount of time it takes, the fact that my sister and I are clearing out our parents’ estate (40+ years of treasures that we are selling) and the amount of time that is taking, and merging my have-to-have items into Mr. Fabulous’ 2BR condo since we married. Our place is not pretty as it is cluttered chaos right now, but it’s our home. While it’s stuck in the 80s (Bathrooms) so I will redecorate as time and budget allow, we are saving for adoption and I just turned 40 and on the list goes. That being said, I’m still random with my posts, but know in my heart if I keep doing what I enjoy, the followers will come and I will find my niche in blogdom.

    Thank you for being authentic and transparent. You have an amazing following and we will love you whether you post 1 time a month or 31 times a month. Blessings!


  43. Nester,
    You are so right.
    There are only 18 summers.
    We need to make the most of every minute – they’re only young once.
    [Insert all tried and VERY true cliches here.]
    Wishing you the best for the new sites – but even more…wishing you all the best this summer with the fam. :)

  44. um. those pics are priceless.
    another great and encouraging post. I’m tellin’ ya, you are SO good for my perfectionism complex. I am forever indebted! truly.
    so glad I will get to meet you and caroline at relevant. it is a life altering time at that place!
    – {darlene}

  45. Great blog, great job! it isn’t always easy to reach out!

  46. go girl! I’m glad to know you aren’t going to be running this by yourself! That would be wayy to much! If I could find someone to help me with PR for my blog that would be great! I’m already OCD about organization so I pretty much got that covered. :)

  47. Very refreshing concept. Thanks for sharing, helps me to know I need to take some time to re-prioritize and relax a bit.

  48. Hi Nester,

    I can’t even remember how I found your site but I enjoy every second on it! I’m a 58 year young ,retired neonatal intensive care nurse that completely enjoyed my time at home with my growing kids as I worked part time. I now love my time with my 3 grandchildren. That precious time with your kids goes so quickly but being on the other side now,I can see it’s benifits! My kids are investing time with their kids….they want them to be raised like they were,such a wonderful compliment to their mom!! Keep up your lovely posts,love the way you decorate,you inspire me to enjoy my home. Enjoy your summer with your men!

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