There’s gold in yesterday’s comments.  Thank you all so much for pouring your heart out, sharing your tips, talking honestly about the lure of the good deal. Here are a few of my favorite comments.  And if you don’t have time to read them all, please scroll down to the very end.  There’s a link there that you cannot miss.

And the ever present voice of wisdom::

Curses, Tracey, do you have any idea that I’ve been contemplating a No Spend Month over here?  I went over to Small Notebook today to get the link and I think that Rachel wrote yesterday’s post just for me.  For us. Here’s a little of what she wrote::

I try to not be Mrs. Bossypants here but today, I am telling you.  I am insisting that you go read Loosen the Grip of “More Stuff” right this minute, written by a woman who knows how to not let stuff get in the way of her dreams {Rachel and her family just moved to Italy}.

What is your deeper than stuff dream?  Mine is to build a little house in the country, with lots of big trees around.  And I don’t want crappy, meaningless stuff to get in the way.