yard sale ottoman $5

This is the first post in a series on debt free decor. One of the most common words I hear are…I want a pretty house but we are on a tight budget, how do I do it?

Yard sales were one of the first ways I ever purchased anything for our home.  They are hands down the best way to find the least expensive items. But there is always a catch, yard sales also require some of the most work in the form of patience, time, persistence, and early morning rising.

One of my all time favorite yard sale finds is this white farmhouse table that I use as a desk.  It was $15 at the end of a yard sale day.

Of course I’ll never let you forget about the $18 dresser I found at a community sale the same day I found that table. That day was historic.

Here’s the less than $10 yard sale chair I recovered in fur.  Yard sale finds are great to practice taking risks with, if it doesn’t work out, you haven’t lost much.  Want to practice recovering or painting a chair?  Buy one at a yard sale.

There is never a need to buy a little side table new from a shop.  They are abundant at yard sales.

Lots of my white dish collection came from yard sales.  I look for interesting shapes and details. Fifty cents can go a long way.

Back there is the library table my mom bought for me at a yard sale for $30.

I buy all sorts of items for our home at yard sales.  I paid a dollar each for the Anthropologie pepper mill and the mortar and pestle.  I get excited just thinking about all the yard sale treasures I’ve found.

Yard Sale Linky Party!

I never tire of looking at great yard sale finds~maybe you are the same way?  Want to join in and show us some of your favorite yard sale treasures, or the best thing you’ve ever found at a yard sale?  You can share something you found last week or something from years ago. Let’s meet back here next Wednesday, June 15th and those of us who won’t be at the beach that day can join in and show off our finds, which I think is really encouraging and motivating.