Our $20 thrift store chair sits comfortably in front of our $18 yard sale dresser.  When we pulled into the parking lot of the Goodwill the other day, I told my husband how I never find anything good anymore at that particular store. I was dreading going in. Then I saw the chair.  I remembered it from a month ago when it was $25 and I passed it up.  But this time my husband was with me and he liked it.  As we carried it out a well dressed lady admired it and complimented us~wow, it had been sitting in the store a month and I had already passed it up once.  It’s got one little rub off on the front there that looks worse on camera and the back cushion could use some extra stitching to keep it attached.  Now that I have it home I realize I would have paid even more for it.  But $20 was my limit to risk it not working.

The key to thrifting is most certainly persistence. You can’t go in a thrift store once every couple months and then complain if you never find anything.  Sometimes you’ll get lucky but, if you really want to find the deals, it can be a fun little hobby to stop in every week.

I passed up this coffee table the first time I saw it at the Goodwill.  A few weeks later I went back and immediately noticed it again.  $16 was such a deal for this great table.

I found this ornament wreath in October while thrifting, and all those dried leaves came from the Habitat ReStore.

Lately I’ve been drawn to urns and vases and ceramic or pottery style finds.  Two or three dollars can get you a fresh little something.

What’s your latest find?