31 Days :: Uncomplified and REOPENED for 48 Hours

  Please accept my sincerest apologies for the discrepency on the closing of the 31 Day Linkies. Tuesday I published the Welcome to 31 Days Post and said the linkys would be open until Friday evening. I assumed they would close the same time I made them live–my mistake, the were set up to close […]

Pumpkins :: Uncomplified

Every year I get asked how I paint my pumpkins. And what the exact color is that I use. Do they not know me? I’m entirely too lazy to paint a pumpkin especially when they already come in so many beautiful colors. Our local side of the road stand sells so many beautiful shades of […]

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Fall Beauties :: Uncomplified

One fall pumpkin on the table instantly fall-i-tizes a space. Via Flowerpatch Farmgirl Simplicity at it’s finest. Maria from Dreamy Whites bought one of those jugs of apple cider and hid the label with a linen cloth, twin and a few leaves. unsourced I’m done with rubbermaid bins full of fake, plastic fall. It’s not […]

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Take Joy in Little Wins :: White House, No Shutters

I almost didn’t want to write this post yet because I didn’t have a good glory shot. I didn’t have that one picture where the house looks so much better that everyone automatically sees what I changed and agrees that YES that was a great decision. Then I realized if I waited until I had […]

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Too Prepared Can Be Ugly & Clunky

the neshama project You would think that moving 13 14 times would have immediately cured me from keeping unneeded stuff but actually it did the opposite. The curse of seeing the potential in every little thing and not having a lot of extra money can easily create the perfect storm for keeping EVERYTHING. Every time […]

Home. Uncomplified. 31 Days 2013

  Scroll Down to read Day One. Day 2: Too Prepared Can Be Ugly & Clunky Day 3: Take Joy in Little Wins :: White House, No Shutters Day 4: Fall Beauties :: Uncomplified Day 5: Pumpkins :: Uncomplified Day 6: Learning the Hard Way Day 7: Let’s Build A Room Together! Day 8: My […]