31 Days :: Uncomplified and REOPENED for 48 Hours


Please accept my sincerest apologies for the discrepency on the closing of the 31 Day Linkies.

Tuesday I published the Welcome to 31 Days Post and said the linkys would be open until Friday evening. I assumed they would close the same time I made them live–my mistake, the were set up to close the same time I CREATED them, I realized it a few hours later and thought I changed and announced it everywhere but no. I missed a spot and a few people missed out and it was my fault so I’m reopening the linkys till 10:55am EST Tuesday, October 8th.

I’m still learning how to de-complifiy this 31 Days thing. Its a huge task and I’m still on the side of learning the hard way–learning what NOT to do by mistake. And sometimes that’s the best education.  Same in our homes. Sometimes you just have to do something because it’s time. October 1st is the beginning of 31 days whether I’m ready or not!

Help me get the word out?

ReOpened for two Days!

31 dayers



  1. There’s absolutely no need for apologies, Nester! I can’t even begin to imagine the crazy, mind-numbing logistics you’ve waded through that have allowed us all to share life with each other. You have knocked yourself out giving us this fabulous opportunity to connect. Thank you, my friend.

    I hope this will be a day of rest for you …


  2. i learn EVERYTHING the hard way. *sigh* and confessing so on this #31Days thing has been therapy for me. so THANK YOU, sister. xoxox…

  3. I didn’t even realize it closed too early! That is so nice of you to reopen them. I will share the news on my twitter.

    Thank you so much Nester for going through all this work and creating the 31 days challenge. I have enjoyed doing it so much. Writing and blogging everyday has really helped me get my creative juices flowing. So thank you for doing this!

  4. No worries, Nester. I appreciate this gift you are giving all of us. I can’t imagine logistics of this! Blessings to you and your family. Rest today!

  5. I am SO SO glad you do this. I wanted to last year and wimped out. I wanted to this year and thought I had nothing to write about. I started (one day late, but still started) and it has been like the most expensive therapy you can buy for me. we’re going through some “stuff” and I didn’t have any “good material” to blog on…until it hit me that I could blog about our STUFF. it has been so good for me. thank you.

  6. I know it MUST be a LOT of work. Thank you for hosting. It is so wonderful!

  7. You are doing fabulously! Thank you for all you are doing! It’s such a blessing to get to participate in such an amazing link-up!

  8. I know I already thanked you once, but thank you again!!! You’re the best ;-)

  9. I really wish I understood this post.

    I’ve been a reader since the beginning, but this one has me totally baffled.

    Re-worded, you’re going to what?

    • It just for the people joining in for writing for 31 days, so sorry I should have said that–I feel like I’ve been talking about it so much everyone’s sick of it so I tried to be quick and not re-explain. So sorry! xoxo If you click the bottom image that says “click here to see them all” you’ll see what I’m talking about.

  10. Thanks so much for hosting, Nester, and everything that entails! I can’t imagine trying to figure all this stuff out, eek! I’m really enjoying being a part of this 31 Days and I appreciate your hard work! xo Joy

  11. As a “little guy” I’m just so appreciative that you go to all this trouble for us! I can’t even imagine how much work it must be. This is my first year, and just putting up a post every day is stretching me, I can’t imagine trying to figure out computer code for a 1500+ link party!:)

  12. Yes, thank you for hosting! I appreciate doing this in community and daily posting (I usually post only occasionally) is really stretching me and practice makes perfect. at the piano and at the keyboard. We appreciate you. It’s all good. We’ll have plenty of time in heaven to enjoy being totally perfect. While we are here we should relax and have peace that we are all imperfect and just practicing life together. hugs!

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