Weekend Links :: Uncomplified

uncomplified truth about the chocolate industry I must be living under a cave in a hole because I had no idea this was happening. This post changed the way I buy chocolate. I think this post is one of my all time favorite posts I’ve read on the internet about decorating. Disappointments, listening to professionals […]

A Million Little Ways

My sister wrote a book for you. She’s written other books and they were very good and helped a lot of people. But this book, this new book…is for every one of us. Here are what people who are not her big sister have to say about it…. The book is called A Million Little […]

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Two Months at The Farm

It’s been two month since we bought our little house on 12 acres. Here’s where we are today with entirely too many pictures. (click here to see last months recap) I think one of the most helpful things when you are involved in a long, ongoing project is to constantly remind yourself how far you’ve […]

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Last year I bought a little Fiddle Leaf Fig from Home Depot. I’ve been on the lookout for another one ever since. Then the other day I found one at Ikea–same price, just $12! The only problem, I was not there to buy a huge plant and of course there was one plant I particularly […]

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My One Handbag

The first year we were married (almost 18 years ago) I bought this Coach bag at a yard sale for $1. I used it off and on through the years. But I loved having lots of different color and style bags so I never used it for very long. Then after forgetting to move every […]

Let’s Build A Room Together! Uncomplified

I spent a few hours in Nairobi last year. I peed in a hole in the ground in the ladies’ room at the airport. That’s probably the closest I’ll ever be to some of the largest slums in the world outside of Nairobi. But I want to build a room there with you. What? Creating […]