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You would think that moving 13 14 times would have immediately cured me from keeping unneeded stuff but actually it did the opposite. The curse of seeing the potential in every little thing and not having a lot of extra money can easily create the perfect storm for keeping EVERYTHING. Every time we moved, I was afraid of getting rid of something house related just in case I might be able to use it in my next house. The idea of regretting not keeping something seemed worse than keeping a bunch of maybes that we had to take with us everywhere.

I felt it was wise to keep stuff just in case. That way I’d be prepared for everything. In the process, I used up a lot of space storing the just in case. It complified things. It made moving a bigger beast.

There’s no way in life I can be prepared for every little thing that happens. Why was being prepared for any decorating issue such a big deal to me? It was a way of protecting myself.

I didn’t realize how dumb and detrimental it can be to insist that I keep everything with potential possibility. Because one of my best traits is that I can see the potential use in just about anything. It’s a blessing and a curse.

Looking back, I see my folly in carrying around that extra stuff just in case the perfect senario arose.

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