I was the teenager who instead of sneaking out was in my room with the door closed peeling the ugly labels off of my makeup and shampoo bottles.

So much ugly for no reason. I remember wondering something that still baffles me, if we are creating something that we look at and use every day and we can choose to make it mediocre, ugly or beautiful, why WHY wouldn’t we always choose beautiful?

Funny how we work hard to put the sofa in the best place, find the perfect lamp and toil over the right shade of tan for the walls but we don’t take the time to change all the little things that we use every day that are down right ugly.

–Make Mine Pretty

make mine beautiful

I decided years ago to choose the pretty one. Especially when it came to things that would be sitting out in our home. So I get the pretty soap bottle, cutting board, and toaster. I get the tissue box that goes with my house and I avoid big flashing labels. Surround yourself with beauty just by being mindful. Choose the pretty one. You know, since it’s going to be setting out anyway.

Usually it’s not a matter of money, just a matter of paying attention.