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While Chad and my dad are in my office teaching themselves how to be plumbers, I decided to go ahead and find some inspiration for my new room. Our house has been very clear with me that it wants to be mainly neutral so I thought the office needed some color. I’ll be using furniture that I already have (although I did add in my dream daybed with a trundle).

I really want the space to be fun, lighthearted and to feel different than our house. And I’m hoping to add in some handmade crafty goodness but that’s close to impossible to add into the mood board.

I’m hoping to use this space as an office, craft room and maybe have beds enough for two people to stay the night.

Not shown is the big table–I’ll try to use my table from the breakfast area in the last house–it has 2 leaves which makes it super long. With some sort of chairs pulled around it. Also, there’s a super huge wood stove that takes up an entire corner of the space. This is just a jumping off point for the pretty stuff.

The lighting is dream world. BUT, I have some leftover lighting from our last house sitting in our barn, so this is more paint color inspiration.

Stuff I already have:

White slipcovered Chair

Black and White Ikea Pillow

Pink Pouf

Blue Garden Stool

Blue Dresser

Monogram from Southern Nest

Everything else can be found with links at My Girlie Office Pinterest Board.

naptime diariesnaptime diaries

I created this board using Keynote, a Mac application that I’ve become really familiar with over the years. There are much easier places to create a mood board (I’ve used and like Polyvore) but since I’m using photos of my own stuff to, Keynote is easier for me to use. And, you don’t have to create a board with everything stacked together like this. Even creating a Pinterest board fora specific room can be great inspiration.