31 Days To A Less Messy Nest Day 8:: Make Mine Pretty

Everything that is sitting out in your house is contributing to the look of your house.  So if you leave 10 stacks of library books by the back door every day for years, like it or not, library books become part of your design.  Early on, I realized how an ugly bottle of bright orange Joy dish washing soap could junk up the look of my cleaned off counter. And since it’s easier for me to have my stuff out on the counter and not hidden away, I decided to buy the soap in the prettier bottles. {Not to mention that it smells divine and now I’m completely addicted to Mrs. Meyers, do they need a spokesperson…?}

Funny how we work hard to put the sofa in the best place, find the perfect lamp and toil over the right shade of tan for the walls but we don’t take the time to change all the little things that we use every day that are down right ugly.

If our everyday stuff is going to be front and center why don’t we embrace our Everyday on Display?

Is there an easy to change an overlooked eye sore in your home?

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  1. I have my dish soap in an inexpensive etched glass oil bottle and have that same soap pump in my bathroom – I make my own natural handsoap {very cheap} & scent it with essential oils. The remotes go in a pretty tin floral container {like they put faux arrangements in} so it looks pretty sitting on the tray on the ottoman/coffee table :). Great to have it handy/accessible & pretty!!

  2. I’ve been thinking of trying Mrs Meyers since I saw it at TJ Maxx… I DO like the bottles! :)

  3. Mrs. Meyers makes the house smell fresh in a whole new way. Refreshing!
    I appreciate your ideas of making the everyday special – I need to work on that.

  4. I LOVE that soap container! Can you please tell me where you got it?

  5. I’m going to pitch that bright blue bottle of Dawn dishwashing liquid on my sink and replace it with something that smells wonderful and looks pretty. In fact, I think I know of a bottle I have in my box of “things I like” to decant that good smelling stuff into.
    The dishwashing liquid…who of thought it could be a day brightener?

  6. Love Mrs. Meyers! It’s my favorite and only all-purpose cleaner!!

  7. ooooh, I love my Mrs. Meyers cleaning products! My favorite is the lavender wall plug-in scented thingies. Great idea for a man cave drawer, can’t wait to try.

  8. I keep my sponge and kitchen brush in a pretty container at the sink, yet still have the bright orange DAWN sitting next to it. Time for a change!

  9. Oh I LOVE Mrs Meyers! I especially love the counter top spray. It makes our Granite extra shiny and smells delicious!

    [I can be your spokesperson side kick ha!].

  10. Hmmmm….am I the only one that doens’t like the smell of Ms. Meyers? Are there different scents, because a few years ago I got some after a similar raving blog post…and was put off by the chemical scent. Nice way to corral those remotes!

  11. Love Ms. Meyers! and I love…less clutter = happy momma! Thanks for all of your inspiration!

  12. deb meyers says

    since i AM a Mrs. Meyers (pay no attention to the apostrophe on the bottle label) this is one product i pay more for. Love the lavender fragrance cleaner, but i put it in the lemon verbena squirt bottle b/c it looks prettier in the kitchen.

    Also, i tuck Mrs. Meyer’s baby stain remover in with shower gifts.

    Also, love the Caldrea products now carried at Target, have you seen?

    deb meyers

  13. I just ran to Target and and snatched up two soap pumps exactly like yours. Love it! They actually had several I liked. I’m putting pink grapefruit soap in one for the powder room, and Mrs. Meyer’s basil dish soap in the other for the kitchen. That enormous jug of neon blue Dawn will be sent to the cabin. One thing – I’m going to run a thin bead of silicon caulk around the bottom of the glass pump, so it won’t slip on the countertop. We have porcelain tile floors and anything glass that drops on them shatters.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. I love it! I definitely have the same soap dispenser – it’s so lovely!

    I also love all your basket posts. People tell me I’m organized…but I’m definitely not, I just have everything in baskets. IT can be a big old mess in the basket, but if it’s in the basket – it doesn’t look messy! Genius!

  15. when i empty a wine bottle that i especially like, i wash it out and save it (painted or etched works better than labled) i use one for my dish soap and one for my olive oil, top with pour tops designed for liquor…beautiful! you just have to remind your guests not to drink them ;)

  16. I love Mrs. Meyers other product line..Caldrea… mmmmm!!! It costs more in price but I just LOVE the smell. Caldrea made a line of scents that are now sold at Target too.

  17. Debi McCready says

    I have never seen Mrs. Myers products in Canada…I want to try them. I am so pleased to have found this website, great ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Okay… so we all have the soap pump from Target… anyone have a tip on how to keep the tip/dispenser from getting coagulated? (clogged) Maybe for households of more than one single person, it’s not a problem… but when it only gets pumped a couple of times a day because the master/mistress of the house is off at work… the soap gets gunky and it’s hard to pump.
    I soak it in warm water but that’s only effective for a day or two. I hate to spend more time cleaning my soap dispenser than I do cleaning my own hands!

  19. I love Mrs. Meyers and Clean Day and you get good deals on them at TJMaxx,Marshall’s, etc.
    If you have a spray hose on your sink, that helps lean out the nozzle or put in dishwasher.
    I love the remotes in the bowl with stones!!

  20. I loved the lemon verbena scent of Mrs. Meyers everyday cleaner so much I was using it all around the house – until my husband came in and asked what that smell was. I told him – honesty is the best policy – and while I waited for him to say something not so nice he finally said that it smelled great and I should buy that all the time!! So relieved. Yay!

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