Everything that is sitting out in your house is contributing to the look of your house.  So if you leave 10 stacks of library books by the back door every day for years, like it or not, library books become part of your design.  Early on, I realized how an ugly bottle of bright orange Joy dish washing soap could junk up the look of my cleaned off counter. And since it’s easier for me to have my stuff out on the counter and not hidden away, I decided to buy the soap in the prettier bottles. {Not to mention that it smells divine and now I’m completely addicted to Mrs. Meyers, do they need a spokesperson…?}

Funny how we work hard to put the sofa in the best place, find the perfect lamp and toil over the right shade of tan for the walls but we don’t take the time to change all the little things that we use every day that are down right ugly.

If our everyday stuff is going to be front and center why don’t we embrace our Everyday on Display?

Is there an easy to change an overlooked eye sore in your home?

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