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We’ve lived in the Charlotte, NC area for 6 or 7 years now. I think I remember two significant snows. One was at Christmas so we weren’t in town to see it. I mourned that day. This property is 45 minutes south and east of our last house. So I wondered how many decades we would have to wait to see real snow.

And now we’ve had TWO DAYS of it! We are so excited….


The first day it covered the ground on the grassy parts and covered the trees beautifully.





Then yesterday it snowed for hours.








Those tire tracks are a main road in our town. Five inches and no snow plows. We kind of like it that way. Our little world just stops and it’s so nice. It’s going to all be gone in a few days anyway without a trace. It’s supposed to be 60* next week.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 6.37.00 AM

And of course what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t Waterlogue our house in the snow? If you follow me on instagram you’ve seen way too many of my snow photos. If you unfollow me on instagram, I don’t blame you.

Do you get excited about snow? Or are you tired of it this year because you live where it snows too much?


UPDATE: I’m adding in extra photos from during the snow the next day…

















  1. Beautiful photos!

    Here in Portland, OR…where it doesn’t snow very often….we had snow (and then ice) over the weekend. It was beautiful and fun and a nice change of pace. Unfortunately, the inclement weather made us cancel our Experience Compassion conference, but it looks like it will be rescheduled so all is good.

  2. Oh, the pictures are beautiful! I live in Memphis, Tennessee. The last 2 systems that dumped snow in Atlanta passed by to the south. What ? Too far north?! I was so irritated that we were taken out of the winter storm watch area. They first predicted 4-6 inches,then we got a dusting. I am so jealous! I would love one big snow!!! Yes, I get very excited about snow. I am over 50 and have been known to sleep with pjs on backward, put a spoon under my pillow and flush an ice cube in the toilet to help send the snow. (I am a teacher…can you tell?) ;-)

  3. Gorgeous! I might be the only person who lives in Wisconsin and really loves the snow! Isn’t it just lovely? Your photos are so pretty! Enjoy it while it’s there!

  4. The photos are idyllic! I grew up in the frozen tundra known as Minnesota, and still love snow! I did move to Colorado 17 years ago though, and while we still get plenty of snow, the temps are much more moderate (60 degrees today, which makes up for last week’s -11). The sun is out more often than not, and when it does snow, its usually gone a few days later. I feel like I have the best of both worlds!

  5. With 67 inches of snow there is not much to get excited about. At this point you just know we are one day closer to spring and you deal with it…we will survive it. So glad you had a chance to enjoy a little of it too.

  6. What beautiful pictures! I love snow. I grew up in Virginia and loved when it snowed just before Christmas. I live in TX now and get excited when we do get snow

  7. Beautiful! We love snow here. In Central PA we felt gypped the past few storms because everyone SOUTH (!) of us got dumped on while we got maybe and inch or so. We are excited today because we have at least 10 inches and it is still snowing!!! :). Winter is lovely when the ground is white. Sure beats mud and yuck in a dead looking winter.

  8. Woo hoooo!!! Down here in SC we still get excited about snow especially when you and your husband are both teachers and it means you miss a whole week of school together with your toddler and baby!

    Love the gorgeous pictures! Your farm looks perfect in the snow.

  9. SO tired of it. We are burried in 8 foot snow banks here in Canada with more expected to come next week. We’ve got the equipment to deal with it though and it takes a lot to shut us down. Its just COLD and SO OLD dressing my 3 little boys up in full winter gear everywhere we go for months on end. Everything is just harder- moving. carrying them, seat belts, errands. Its exhausting for a Mama after a while. BUT they find do much JOY in playing in the snow (as long as its not too cold) so that helps. Enjoy your beautiful covering while it lasts… and if you long for more, visit Canada!

  10. Thank you for sharing your winter wonderland with us! I would love it if we got a good snow like this once a year in Houston, TX. We have seen some snow this winter, but nothing that lasts for more than 15 or 30 minutes and doesn’t stick.

  11. Glad you enjoyed the snow!

  12. Beautiful. Will you ship some to California? With only a quarter of a inch of rain this year, I’d take snow or rain any day for the rest of the year, even.

  13. Wow, isn’t it funny. All of us northerners (I’m in MN) are so OVER winter. But the joy of your boys in the snow reminds us that blessings can be appreciated anywhere. Although like many of the other northerns in this thread, I’d sure be happy for blessing of 60 degree weather! Send it north, will ya?

  14. Um, yah. This Canadian girl is tired of it! The snow that is! Not your snow pics – they’re awesome. I never tire of seeing how magical snow is to those who who don’t get it often. I still feel that way every year at the first snowfall. You can’t wait for those first snowflakes to land on your tongue, but when you have to shovel it, snow blow it, and drive in it every day, it gets old – fast, lol. Enjoy it as long as it lasts! ~Kerri

  15. The photographs are splendid, good to see that you are having a great time with family because of snow.

  16. such beautiful photos! I miss the snow so much. Embrace it

  17. Wonderful pictures! I lived in Charlotte a few years ago (I’m now in South Florida) and I was there for the Christmas snow storm. It was lovely and the first time in 7 years I had snow. Thanks for the reminder!

  18. Lynne in NC says

    Lovely photos of the snow at your new place.
    Thanks for sharing them. It looks like you and your guys were taking advantage of the time to play — awesome!
    Stay warm xoxoxoxox

  19. Beautiful, I love the snow, but I am in Michigan so I have too. I bet the kids loved it :)

  20. Stunning pictures! I love that you’re embracing the snow. I live in Indiana and we’ve certainly had our share this year, but I’m not complaining. It’s prettier than dead brown grass!

  21. Janet Olson says

    We are so done with winter. Towns, cities, even the state of CT are running out of salt and we have another major storm coming tomorrow. We already have over a foot–not measuring. And this is heavy because it’s mixed with ice. I wonder if we’ll be completely dug out before the Sat. storm. I want to live where you are! :-)

  22. Hi love snow for the most part. But I’m truly ready for spring. We’ve had snow since October. But for us this year it has been the many, many long days of extreme cold that have made us tired of winter. It has been colder this winter than I ever remember. We live in central Alberta. I say I’m tired of snow, then look outside and think wonder when it’s going to snow? There is something so beautiful about fresh, untouched snow.

  23. I had to smile at your post. I live in Central Illinois. I am so over the snow and cold! Your pictures brought back the lovely memories of my kids (17 and 10) and husband making a 9 foot snowman earlier this winter. “Big Bob” melted a while back and it has been too cold to make “Jr.” I do not enjoy the snow and cold. However, I get pleasure from seeing my 10 year old daughter giggle and scream with glee as she rolls in the snow – this makes it worth it.

    PS – We have worn down our snow shovels to almost nothing! We must have Spring soon. . . or buy some new shovels. :)

  24. We live 45 minutes north of Charlotte, and we got about 8 inches. :-) Our boys loved playing and sledding in it! So fun.

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