You Can’t Ruin Something You Already Hate

This is the bottom half of a hutch that I’ve had for 15 years. The top is painted white, and stacked on a long table in the other part of the barn and this fella is on his third color–I think he looks great in pink. I actually have never hated the hutch, but there have been times when I didn’t like it.

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If you don’t like or even if you hate something in your home, instead of giving it the side eye for the next five years, consider giving it a makeover. The more you dislike something, the less value it has to you–use this to your advantage while the stakes are low–take a risk.

You can’t ruin something you already hate.

If you hate it but someone is constantly telling you how valuable it is, sell it to them or someone like them and make all that cash and buy yourself something you love. 💞

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