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  1. Dianne Jones says

    Just for today, I will work hard at Breathing deep, talking slow,walking soft, letting go,giving more, taking less dont count,just guess,be fair,think long,laugh loud,sing strong,pray more,worry less,Thank Him and hold onto His truths and know that “He really does cause ALL things to work together for our ultimate good,and He is always right on time! He is relaxed,He is in control, I am His and He is mine!

  2. Yvette Jarrell says

    Each Christmas there is a sting in my heart that the dreams of having a Norman Rockwell Christmas will never come true. I have yet to meet a family that portrays those iconic scenes and mine is no different. This year I am stepping back and searching for more than what the meaning of Christmas is but what the heart of Christmas is. It’s not the pretty gifts, family photos, baked goods and holiday decorations…it’s not the endless church services telling the story of Christ in a manger. It’s deeper and more beautiful than that…it’s love. LOVE! I think if we can forgive, let go and offer love to others we will find the spirit of Christ and Christmas. This year I’m giving love. Tearing down the walls of the past and giving my heart a chance to give and receive love.
    Merry Christmas and may love find its way into your hearts!

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