A Season of Intention

Catchy, isn’t it?  The whole Do Less Be More thing sounds inviting.  Is it really possible?  There’s a secret to achieving it.

First, you decide that’s what you want.  So you choose “Less”.

{pillows :: snowbird // gift}

Then you get to say “no” to other stuff.  No to some things magically allows you to say yes to other things.  It’s kind of like math without any numbers.  My sister actually wrote a great post about this very thing last week.

For the past 2 years my sister and I have made Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon rolls together.  She was here at Thanksgiving and we had all of the supplies to check off year number three but we both just wanted to sit and laugh instead.  We did less, and it was better.  So in a way we didn’t meet our goal, but in reality the goal is simply sister time {ever since I was 10 we called it getting in laughing shape}.

glass bell jar/cloche/dome

Emily and I wrote about Doing Less and Being More over at the DaySpring Catalog. I’d love for you to click over and read it if you have a spare few minutes.  But first you can read the rest of this because if you choose to click all these links that’s a lot of doing.

In the spirit of giving DaySpring wants to provide you with beautiful, intentional objects for your home.   I used the Giving Thanks Hurricanes on my mantel and filled them with flowers week and then added lights.

A lovely way to incorporate the Nativity.  Plus, you can slip off the silhouettes and use the Nativity Hurricanes year around.  So unless you are saying “no” to entering giveaways {and I understand if you are} you are invited to join in the last Nesting Place giveaway of 2010.  DaySpring is giving away the pair of Giving Thanks Hurricanes for every 100 entries, plus, THREE $100 shopping sprees. 

Leave a comment telling us something you are NOT doing this Christmas season to enter to win.

Curious? Find out what Emily and I are not doing this season over at the online catalog {and look around some of your other favorite bloggers are hanging out there as well }.


  1. This year I am not using real dishes or china for my Christmas brunch. I want to enjoy time with everyone instead of standing over the kitchen sink.

  2. We are not traveling. With two small girls we want to share Christmas morning with just the 4 of us – no hustle and bustle, just a quiet day reflecting on the joys of the season. I’m really looking forward to it!

  3. We are not giving gifts amongst the adults this year. We are giving gifts of donations in a person’s name. It is a wonderful way to “give” gifts!

  4. April Byars says

    We are not RUSHING.

  5. We are not going overboard with the gift spending this year! it’s amazing the kind of thoughtful, creative gifts you can come up with when you are on a budget!

  6. We are not decorating – this is the first year we are travelling to be with family, so we aren’t decorating the house for Christmas. But I really am missing it!!

  7. I am NOT making my own wrapping paper this year :( I am enjoying the extra time during the day with the kids. And they will still be just as fun for everyone to open! Right?!?!?

  8. I’ve had my eye on those Nativity Hurricanes since last Christmas!

  9. I am NOT over-scheduling this year. I am planning crafts with the girls and spending time with them instead of planning all sorts of play dates and out of the house events.

  10. We are not having a real tree this year! Last year my husband built a simple stick tree of wood on a stand. It is beautiful, and we decorated it! We were also going to continue having a real tree, but for this year, one is enough! :)

  11. We are not overdoing Christmas. Simple, relaxing, enjoying family and friends and enjoying the season .

  12. We are not going over budget but instead focusing on the true meaning of the season.

  13. We are not going to do a bunch of presents. One big one from Santa and some little stuff. Nice and simple

  14. We are not including Santa or lots of presents for our celebration…just Jesus and three simple gifts for each child from us.

  15. For the first time in years, I am not letting my mother’s passing hang like a dark cloud over the holidays. It was our favorite holiday and it’s time to remember the good things.

  16. We are NOT spending a lot of money! We are keeping it way simple this year !

  17. This year we will not be buying any new decorations. I will use what I have and love it!

  18. I am not going to forget the true meaning of Christmas by getting all wrapped up in over gift-buying. Instead, I am giving the difference I would normally spend, to the needy, and thereby hoping to teach my great-grandson to care about others. We will do special caring projects together.

  19. We are not sending out Christmas cards by USMail, we will be using email.

  20. This year we decided to only buy a gift for the children in our family. The aunts and uncles came up with this idea. The adults wanted to put less focus on gifts and more time for family.
    It reduced everyone’s stress level considerably.

  21. I’m doing less by not having my baby girl who was only 35 died suddenly onJune28th 2018. I can’t imagine celebrating without her. I know I have Grandchildren and they will get something but that maybe all I can do. I have 3 other grown children and a dear husband. My son in law and my 3yr old grandbaby and 14 yr old step daughter who have no wife or mommy. I dont understand how is that baby going to understand they are not going back home because they just can’t bear it because she was struck down right there in front of them they say with an pulmonary embolism. So they are moving in with us. So you’ll can celebrate and have fun but I would rather have my daughter walk through my front door but no that will never happen again ever!

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