Do Less, Be More

It’s official. The Christmas season is upon us.

The Christmas Tour of Homes is in two weeks. December 14th we’ll all come here and share how we decorate for Christmas. But remember, it’s not a contest~no perfect decorations allowed.

I dare you to do less and enjoy more this year.

This coming week we’ll talk about garland and decorating Christmas trees and other not-that-important-in-the-scope-of-life-things. Keeping in mind the balance of wanting to have a festive home and at the same time, staying in budget, enjoying the family, and celebrating the real reason for the season.

I know here we talk about all the things we are doing to make our home beautiful. So I thought I’d change it up and tell you what I’m not doing this year.

I’m not sending out Christmas cards. {Ok, so I’m still having some made to hand to people that I see in real life but no long list and stamps and stuff} I’m not putting The Most Wonderful Christmas Garland Ever on my mantle. I’m not sewing new stockings for us and I’m not buying any dumb junk gifts.

Here’s what I am doing.

I am making PW’s Cinnamon Rolls with my mom and sister next week. {I am going to gain 5 pounds like I did the first time we made them}. I am going to put colored lights up in my boy’s rooms. I am going to sit around and watch Home Alone with the family even though we’ve seen it a thousand times and I could be catching up on laundry. I am going to give gifts that are needed, beautiful and have meaning–handmade lovelies, food, books, useful items. I am going to put as many reminders around our home that Emmanuel, God with us, is the reason we celebrate.

I just ordered this Nativity with my hard earned money {it’s on sale!}. I realized that we have NO nativity in our house for some reason–maybe because the wise men always become fans in the grand stand at our table top NASCAR races? Not only is my new silhouette nativity beautiful, it quietly tells the Christmas story. I think I will want to keep it out all year.

My sister and her twins at my parent’s house at Thanksgiving

I also gave these sweet Jesus is the Gift aprons to my sister and her girls. I have a feeling they’ll be wearing them next weekend when we make our get fat cakes, I mean cinnamon rolls. What a beautiful reminder that Jesus is the Gift.

I will be gifting a hostess with this beautiful Jesus is the gift platter. I’ll also give gifts of food wrapped in these pretty hand towels and use the mugs to hold these dipped candy canes and homemade hot cocoa mix {a sweet gift that only costs about $5!} One of my favorite things to do when we are invited to a Christmas party, is to leave the dish that I brought our appetizer or cookies in, for the hostess. I’ll put a note on the back thanking them for inviting us and telling them to keep the dish or pass it to the next lucky person.

Now I want to know what you are NOT doing this season. Three lucky people will win a pair of adult and child Jesus is the Gift aprons to use or give away. Special thanks to DaySpring for providing the aprons and sponsoring this post but even more, for providing beautiful, meaningful gifts for us to give and use this season.

cookie plate: only $10.99

Two winners will be picked randomly from the comments {make sure you have an email address if you don’t have a blog}

One winner will be picked from Twitter for tweeting about what you are not doing and linking to this post and adding in @thenester so I’ll see your tweet.


Your comments are already inspiring me. I love this comment from Emily.


  1. Now that we have a 2 year old, we’ve become much more conscious of the true reason for the season – JESUS. Our favorite phrase this Christmas season is WISE MEN STILL SEEK HIM. Thanks for this beautiful giveaway!

  2. sorry – forgot to say that we are NOT getting caught up in the commercialized version of Christmas this year (we’re keeping CHRIST in CHRISTMAS) – I just said it in a round about way in my first post…Merry Christmas!!!

  3. I love that you are sharing real spirit and meaning for Christmas! The hurricane is beautiful and I agree, something that you can and should have out more than just at Christmastime. We are not doing up big Christmas as was done in years past. Instead we will share with those who are less fortunate and remind ourselves that we are lucky to be able to help others.

  4. Nadir@hodgepodge says

    Thank you for posting this, it’s just what I needed to hear. I just got married less than 2 weeks ago & it’s been a struggle for my new husband & I to come up with creative & cost efficient gifts to give to family much less each other. We’re not giving each other gifts but planning on baking something sweet & spending quality time together.

  5. texasaggiemom says

    Thank you for the giveaway! I totally agree with the quality vs. quantity this time of year. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. One of the main things we don’t do is Santa…I know it seems crazy, but we decided we wanted our kids to me more excited about baby Jesus than toys coming down the chimney. Even though our children will get just as much as all the other kids, our hope is that the miracle of Christmas for them will be found in a manger, not at the North Pole.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Melissa Pearce says

    Oh my! I love your style. And I totally agree with you about simplifying…and on that note, where did you get your gorgeous couch???

  8. When you are in the corner and have got no cash to get out from that point, you would have to take the loan. Because it would aid you unquestionably. I get auto loan every time I need and feel myself good just because of this.

  9. Love this. What am I not doing? I feel like I’m doing everything, but I know I’m not. Does that count? :D Didnt think so… I’m not painting the hallway or the mudroom, or the dining room ceiling, or my bedroom. We are selling our house asap, and these things all need to be done, but with Christmas around the corner, I think I’ll hold out and enjoy the few days I have left. I’m not working. I took off tomorrow and three days over the Christmas and New Year time period, so I’ll have only worked one day in a three week time period, which is a tremendous blessing.

  10. wow I love the great message on this post! and totally love your Nativity set! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and many blessings for the New Year to you and your family! :)

  11. Hannah Wilson says

    Thank you for such a good & thought-provoking post! This is a reminder I often need. This Christmas I will NOT feel bad for taking time to relax- spending time with my new husband, friends, and family. I will not get caught up in finding the perfect gift. Instead my siblings decided we will only give things that we made or found in thrift stores. I will not forget the greatest gift is JESUS- and the reason we celebrate!

  12. Hi
    I am NOT going to have expectations that always end up in disappointment.

  13. This Christmas, I will not fret when my little kiddies play with the Christmas becausev it’s not about that. Jesus Christ, God incarnate, born in a lowly manger, come to save humanity who simply cannot save itself, is the reason for the season.

  14. This Christmas, I will not fret when my little kiddies play with the Christmas tree because it’s not about that. Jesus Christ, God incarnate, born in a lowly manger, come to save humanity who simply cannot save itself, is the reason for the season.


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