I am Mary. But not the one you are thinking of.

Remember in the last post where I told you I was done decorating and I was gonna be all Carol Brady and do crafts with my boys and like, rest, relax and enjoy and junk?  I lied.  It started out so innocently.  Five minutes after publishing that post I just wanted to see how the armoire would look moved to the left about 12 inches or so.  I couldn’t figure out why I had it pushed so far over towards the fireplace.


So I moved it, loved it and then I needed to move that red chair.  I also have wanted to move the sofa over.  I’ve always hated that my sofa floats but I wasn’t sure how to make it stop floating.  We needed the walkway behind it and I had measured every wall in the house for that black hutch and it wasn’t going to work anywhere.


Guess what, the hutch fit somewhere else.  Sometimes the only way to know if something will really fit is to try it.  It would have been a huge pain to move it back but it would have only taken 20 minutes total both ways, and then I would have known for sure if it could work in a different spot and I could stop thinking about it.  Well worth the trouble no matter what the outcome.  Not only did it fit, it let out a big sigh of relief and said “it’s about time you put me in my rightful place, and by the way, you need to start working out.”  I measured this spot no less than 5 times and logically there was no way this piece was supposed to fit there with the table and chairs.  Y’all, it’s a Christmas miracle!  The only problem is that there is a light switch right smack dab in the middle of that wall behind the hutch.  Lights, smights.  Who needs them?


Then I was faced with THIS montrosity.  Monstrosity.   A HUGE empty wall with nothing to fill it with.  Meanwhile, my house is getting more and more disorganized by the miliseceond.  Crafts?  Right, my kids ate ketchup and cheese nips for lunch I think.  I was all, “Mom needs to run to Home Goods, fend for yourselves, mkay?”.


I left them with this.


Came back and tried this lamp from our bedroom with some mirrors that I found.  Nope, not expansive enough for that huge empty wall.


I took a photo of my son with his legos.  See, I’m such an involved mom.  I did at least notice what they were doing while I was tearing our house to pieces.  They actually love it when I move stuff around because it gives them a new set to play in.


Then I decided to steal from Peter and give to Paul as my sister would say, and I removed all the blue/green plates from all the walls in my house.  My bedroom was Peter and my living room was Paul if you are wondering.  I guess that makes me Mary.


Two trips to Home Goods and 24 hours later I got this.  I love it.  I want about 24 more plates for the wall and then I’ll be done.  The lamps are new and I love them but the shades are such a pure white they make it look like I opted for tiny hunks of the white hot sun in place of light bulbs.  I prefer off white shades for warmer light.  I can’t imagine how fast I’d blind my guests if I used those awful reveal light bulbs or those Al Gore curly, politically correct light bulbs.


I had to make due with this wall.  I just kept repeating “like with like.”  The key was to group like things together.  And it’s the wall behind the sofa so I can’t have much there.  And I don’t have anything else that will work there right now.  No worries, I’m thinking on it.

The ramifications of moving my armoire 12 inches are far reaching.  My son got a bookshelf in his room.  We have 3 pretty mirrors above our bed, I’ve got a terrarium sitting in the middle of my foyer with no home.  But our living room is so much cozier AND had 2 extra seats.  For you that want to know, yes, I moved all the furniture by myself.  Most of my pieces have those little plastic things on the bottom that make it slide really easily.  My husband did help me move the bookshelf upstairs to our son’s room.


Our 20%2B guests will be here in about 24 hours and my house looks like a blind fraternity majoring in snacks containing saturated fat lives here with their dogs.  And we don’t even have a dog.  So today I will do exactly what I said I wasn’t going to do, I’ll clean like a mad woman, run to Target for a few stocking stuffers, remember that I forgot to take some new photos of my boys and have them printed out, try to wrap gifts, do a few loads of laundry and love every minute of it.   For me the last two days were pure bliss getting to try my furniture in new places and the added pressure of a deadline made it all the more exciting.  I have a sickness.

Does your armoire need to be moved 12 inches to the left?

Picture 1

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  1. I love love love those mirrors! I also love the plate wall!

  2. I so get you. One project leads to another, which leads to another, and on and on. Meanwhile, nothing gets totally completed, you end up with a bigger mess than you started with, and your guests arrive in less than 24 hours. Why am I only motivated to make changes like this when I’m under the gun? If I could change one thing about myself, it would be to quit procrastinating. Or to not have backfat. Definitely one of those.

  3. I felt like I was seeing myself in this post. I am forever starting a big project right before company is due. It’s that urgency/adrenaline charge that gets all those brain cells buzzing on overtime…producing brilliant creativity. Love that you shopped the house and pulled together such a gorgeous wall display! And the boys were saying, “stay out the way…she’s at it again.” ;-)
    Hope you holiday was fabulous…Happy New Year 2010!

  4. You crack me up, Lady! I pull that same kind of deal a few times a year. Go to move one thing and end up doing a whole room. Last time, I even ended up painting one wall red in the process. Thought the hubby was going to kill me when he got home from work but to my surprise, he love it and asked why I didn’t paint the whole room. heehee. Now it’s time to tear down all of the Christmas things and get the snowy-January-bluesilverwhite stuff going.

  5. PLEASE tell me where Home Goods is located. I live in the area and I have never been!! I must go!!! Love your new look. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas.


  6. Victoria in Texas says

    Your post made me laugh out loud. But it also made me sad that I can’t move around any furniture in my family/living area. What we were thinking when we bought this house, I’m not sure. I think we were just in love and wanting to be together in one place and this was about the 10th house we looked at and we gave in and said yes to the glamourous owner/real estate agent who had it staged to sell. We fell for the glitz and glamour and now we realize how small the closets and extra bedrooms are and how there is only one wall to put a sofa on and no way to float anything much. The only place I want to move furniture is out because it’s old and tattered and my husbands “armoire” is a huge wall unit. Very pretty hunk of furniture filled with all of his huge entertainment pieces. I could never move it by myself and the wiring in the back looks like something that Nasa engineers would put together. But somehow I will conquer this house and make it warm, inviting, and as glamorous as when we first viewed it for sale. Lord, I need a miracle of Nesting Place proportions, pleeeeeeze!!!!

  7. We are definitely kindred spirits! I sat giggling as I read your post. I have definitely done the very same thing. Don’t you love redesign?! I am curious…who did you train with? I trained a little over 7 years ago and still run a business part time (very part time). Most of my time is filled with homeschooling my 2 daughters but every once in a while I get hired to “play” in someone’s home. :) Glad the 12″ move turned out so well!

  8. You are amazing! I cannot believe I hadn’t found your site before, you have a ton of great ideas and just what I need! I am a busy mom who often finds herself BLANK when it comes to decorating! THANK YOU! I can’t wait to check back more often!!

  9. You are an awesome writer! Your personality just shines through!

  10. Nester, I have to tell ya, I love your blog. I have officially added it to my daily to do list. Dishes…check, Make bed….check, go look at the nester’s blog for new post…check! it is like a sickness.
    I also wanted to tell you that the photo that you took of the finished wall, you know the one with the plates on the wall…and the table with two lamps…..it looks like that picture came straight out of a magazine. Beautiful. Great Job.

  11. I have a quick question…would you mind telling how you get those plates on the wall? Do you glue a hook onto the plate?

  12. I just stumbled on your blog about an hour ago and I haven’t been able to stop reading it. You crack me up and remind me so much of myself. This last post had me laughing tears. Last week i bought a new lamp (Home Goods, $30 – a steal in my opinion) I had been wanting a gourd lamp, but not willing to pay much for it. I’m not even sure if they are still in style, but it seemed the thing to have to update a space. This one new lamp purchase has resulted in moving around 8 pieces of art, 3 hanging plates, a furniture rearragement, and purchasing a new botanical print. Today, I’m filling all the holes I’ve made in my walls as a result. I too love toile, trim, checks, and dots, but find myself second guessing my choices with all the neutral rooms I see on the blogs and in magazines. I will have to start subscribing to your blog. Thanks for the nice distraction this afternoon while my baby napped and my other child was in school.

  13. I just love this post. My sis and I call this an “If you give a mouse a cookie” project. A precious children’s book telling the story of the snowball effect if you give a mouse a cookie (he’ll need milk to go with it, a napkin for the crumbs, a broom to sweep up said crumbs, etc) – So yeah, I’ve moved the armoire 12″ a few times. ;)


  1. […] Every Christmas for the past few years DaySpring has sponsored a post here at Nesting Place about that very thing–doing less and being more.  Kind of odd for a company that sells cards–don’t they know that sending Christmas cards is the first thing to go?  I always try to make sure they know what they are getting themselves into–so you are ok with me encouraging people to do less–even if that means they might rethink their buying habits?–yes they say in their gentle, confident way.  They remind me of that Santa at Macy’s on Miracle on 34th Street.  I mean, they sponsor a post and then I ramble on and on about how I wanted to move an armoire 2 inches to the right and then before you know it, I’m rearran…. […]

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