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  1. Mary Custer says

    My husband and I are determined to avoid the materialism of the season.
    We are giving our grandsons a toy that belonged to their parents
    while sharing stories of Christmas’ past when we were children.
    Our hope is our grandsons will come to know Jesus through our
    time spent with them and stories of His works in our lives.

  2. karen davis says

    I love your blog….some day I may write one…I’m a little chicken! I have scaled back over the years, and even organized all my Christmas stuff which happens to fit into 2 boxes, and now I don’t dread getting ready for Christmas….finding out less really is being more! Keep up the great blog, you are an inspiration to many! Sincerely, Karen

  3. I am not going to miss the magical moments of now by wishing away today!

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