Decorating Truths from Adam Lambert

The other day someone happened to mention how much they liked a certain accessory but they thought it would just look dumb in their house/on them {you can apply this to fashion and decorating and a slew of other things} because…they couldn’t pull it off.

How many times have you wanted to try something but didn’t think we were the type to be able to get away with a certain look?

It instantly reminded me of a little article I read in People Magazine.  You know I how love to learn something from any room I go into?  It’s the same with people.  We can learn something from everyone.  And we should.  Here’s a fantastic quote by none other than Adam Lambert.  It’s printed on the picture but I’ll type it out so you can read it easier.

His Beauty Philosophy:

The biggest faux pas is when someone looks at something and goes, “Oh that looks cool–but I couldn’t pull it off.”  The only thing needed to pull something off is the desire to pull it off. So if you like something, go for it.

Maybe I’ll buy that bird that matches my outfit after all…
And just for fun

Is there something you would love to have in your home but you don’t think you could pull it off?  Why don’t you go ahead and try it?  Want to know what my “I don’t know if I can pull this look off  but I don’t care” item is? It’s something that reminds me of my grandparents and I’ve been keeping an eye out for one I can afford.

What’s yours?


  1. I think that you should put your Marlin in the room that you are redecorating with a touch of masculinity. I hope you get it.

  2. RubberChickenGirl says

    Adam Lambert. Really?

    I have enough dumb teenagers surrounding me. I don’t need the “wisdom” of Adam Lambert.

  3. A few years ago I decided to break out of my self imposed I’m too petite/pale/timid/young/not sophisticated/etc to wear big, bold jewelry and start wearing whatever the heck I wanted. And guess what? I’ve heard more “Oh, I love that but *I* could never wear it!” comments than I could count. I always reply with a gentle “You know what you have to do to start wearing things like this? Start wearing them. Done.” Same comments regarding how I decorate my home (funky retro antiques, etc.). It’s funny the things we DON’T do for no other reason than we don’t think we can. We can. We just have to do them. Love the reminder of that in your post!

  4. Slightly off topic, but can I just say – I adore Lambert’s version of this song. Love. Seriously.

  5. I am catching up on your old posts…and I just love this one! You could totally rock that marlin. It would really complement all the blues and taupe-y greys in your home. :)
    I have a pair of ceramic alligator ashtrays that belonged to my grandparents. I have hung onto them not knowing what I would do with them. Your post makes me think I should just display them in a fun, break-all-the-decorating-rules kind of way! Thanks for making decorating fun again!
    And Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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