I’ve been working on a bedroom makeover and one of my goals is for it to be masculine and feminine, sophisticated yet quirky. So, when I saw this pretty papier mache ram made by Stray Dog Designs for sale at One King’s Lane {that’s my referral link so I can buy more satanic items?}, I ordered it and used $80 worth of credit that I had with them to pay for it.  He reminded me a little of this huge, glorious fella that I remembered seeing in Janell’s home.

My husband, who RARELY vetoes a style decision did not like it.  He said it creeps him out and looks a little satanic.  I took the ram down and replaced it with something even more spectacular and sophistimacated but not as quirky~ that I’ll share later.  Now, I’m wondering where to hide, I mean use my ram.  I still like him.  I googled “satanic symbol ram,” just to see what came up. I’m not gonna post the photos here trust me, you are thanking me for that but, tell me what you think– does he look satanic to you?  He has flowers on the end of his antlers.  He’s not satanic.  Right?

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