I want to welcome beautiful things into my home that are versatile.  Which can be tricky this time of year with all the beautiful Christmas items.  But, I’ve realized that those one trick ponies, like the huge over-sized Christmas wreath that can barely fit in the car, are pretty for 4 weeks and a nuisance for the other 48 weeks.

I want to be more intentional with how I use things.

So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce you to our newest sponsor, Kristi from Willow House and show you how you can incorporate some of her items into your home all year around.  By the end of this post we’ll have a chance for you to win some cute things, an enticing discount, and great ideas that you can implement whether you order 3 of everything from Willow House or nothing at all.

One of the most interesting and useful items you need in your home are containers.  They can come in all different shapes and sizes and styles.  Here are some ideas from Willow House {by the way, if you were a Southern Living at Home fan and are mourning the loss, time to get your party clothes out again because Willow House is kind of like SLAH’s younger, more fun sister.  You’ll probably recognize a few things since they are related.}

These containers are all really beautiful and really useful.

1. The Lady Jane bottleneck vases are perfect to hold a single sprig or branch, they would look pretty grouped with other blue and green glass and are perfect for when you need to add height and interest to an area.  Then every season, you can change what is on the branch {spring, hang some eggs or a nest/summer, make some tissue paper flowers/fall, attach a black bird or some dried leaves, winter, hang some snowflakes}

2. That red pedestal planter is a nice way to raise up some low plants.  I think succulents would be pretty planted in there.  Or fill it with nuts and a miniature Christmas tree?  Or cash. Yeah, I think if you filled it with cash that would be a big hit.

3. I’m in LOVE with this Santorini bowl.  Remember when we talked about how Pottery Barn made great use of low, wide bowls? You will be thrilled to know that as I write this post {yesterday} that this bowl is on sale from $64.95 to $18.96.  Impressive.  And I might just have to copy the citrus with ribbon and upholstery tacks that they have displayed in the bowl.  Or you could fill it with nuts in the shell and throw the remotes on top for a casual coffee table piece.  Or you could serve a salad in it.

4. Glass dome or cloche.  This is a trick that works every time. Put something, anything under a cloche and it automagiacally turns it into something beautiful.  Old torn photo? Put it under a cloche.  Weeds from your yard? Put it under a cloche.  Crumpled up toilet paper?  Put it under a cloche.  Just change whatever you have every season and you’ll feel like a seasonal decorator.

Here’s the French Wire Tiered Stand that Kristi sent me to play with in my nest.  She said it was their best seller.  I was surprised how big and hefty it was.  And, talk about versatile.  You can use the baskets separately or in random order or flip them to create cupcake stands.  It’s actually kind of fun to play with…

Now I understand why it’s a best seller.  I used it for smore’s, and then placed it in the family room, then the living room, then my office.  It’s a sweet way to display a collection of small seasonal items.

By the way, I’m addicted to mixing seasons, nests and birds with pumpkins.  For some reason, they seem to work for me.

Want to win something?

Leave a comment and tell us what decorative item in your home gets used differently for every season.  Don’t have one?  Then is there something from Willow House that you could use?  Tell us that.  Two people will win a $50 gift certificate.

But wait, there’s more

Sign up for Kristi’s Newsletter {she’ll let you know of all the upcoming deals, there is usually a new deal every month} for one of two chances to win a French Wired Stand–just like the one I have.  It’s a best seller, you know.

But wait, there’s more…

There’s also a special right now when you spend $39.96 or more, you can select another product under $40.00 for 50% off.  And the great thing is that you can easily shop online here.  And learn more about Kristi and Willow House here.

Kristi also mentioned something about if someone wants to come wash her dishes every night they would win a $100 gift certificate.  But I’m beginning to wonder if she was being funny?


Thanks to Kristi for sponsoring this post at Nesting Place, read more about what that means here.