When You Really Just Want to Know What to Expect

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Recently, someone in this Nesting Place community contacted me to share that her family had to move AGAIN, too soon. She knew I’ve been there before, having to move before you are ready, feeling like you didn’t even fully unpack from the last move, wondering if you’ll remember your new zip code, worried that your children will be affected. And also just plain exhausted. Meanwhile feeling slightly guilty because you know there are worse things that can happen than moving again.

It was everything I could do not to ask her where she lived so I could show up at her house and help her start to pack.

I can still vividly remember all of those emotions. And now, six years after one of our most difficult realizations that we had to move (AGAIN), I can look back and see all the good that came from that move (and all the other moves) that I shook my fist at. I wanted to promise her that everything would be fine. And I believe it will be in the end.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not really hard right now.

And that doesn’t mean that her hard situation doesn’t count because it could be more difficult.


In the stillness, the waiting, the unknown, the difficult, the pain, the quiet, and the darkness– that’s where important things happen, much to my dismay.



These quotes are from a book about what happens when life seems dark and hard and broken. It’s a book about embracing the dark, not rushing it. Permission to travel through the darkness–that unknown, take your time and know that just because you can’t see doesn’t mean good things aren’t happening. And ultimately, it’s a book about hope.

“Sometimes the way TO is through.”

–Nancy Ortberg

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This is one of those bedside table books that you’ll want to read a little bit every night before you go to sleep.

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So dear friend, no matter what your hard thing is today, it counts. It’s hard and that doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. As Parker Palmer says. “We are all heartbroken.”

Maybe it’s time to give yourself some time?

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