If you aren’t all ready totally, 100%, had it up to here sick of me, you will be after this:

I’m not writing today. I did a post about me and my big self guest posting over at Chic Critique the other day. I posted it late and it kept disappearing {because I’m a goofy goober–did anyone see the Sponge Bob movie} so I’m gonna talk about it again in case you missed it. I feel like I was a bad guest for not talking it up very good. If you want to read all about it click here. Here’s a hint of the topic…Also, my sister and wrote about our weekend together at her blog Chatting at the Sky. She is not like me and really knows how to write. She spells good too. Poor thing, she has me to write about her and I get her to write about me. It’s like that old riddle about being in a town with 2 barbers and one has a good haircut and one has a bad haircut and which one would you choose to cut your hair. The one with the bad haircut because he cut the other guys hair. I have the good haircut in this situation–only figuratively speaking. In real life, she has the good haircut!

Oh, and Tuesday’s my day at Blissfully D. {I just fixed the link} I like calling it that because it reminds me of Sunny D. My sister thought that was a ridiculous idea and I think she rolled her eyes. It made me like it even more. I wrote about not matching your finishes in your home.