These mistreatments are for the advanced mistreater. If you’re new here you can read about easier mistreatments here and here. If you are too lazy to click on those links, I’ll define the term for you

Mistreatment: (n). covering for a window that is quick, cheap and pretty. may or may not need hardware does not require sewing. a real designer’s worst nightmare.

Mistreating: (v). the act of treating a window with dignity and respect without use of the following: hundreds of dollars, sewing, time, crying, divorce, child neglect…

I mistreat my windows. I know how to sew but try not to do it unless I must. I can find fabric for super cheap and have had so much fun just tacking it right to the walls. We have a bizillion windows in our rental house and I am not about to purchase rods for all of them. I would much rather spend the money on fabric.

Using my glue gun who goes by the name Pricilla, upholstery tacks {refer to above links to see where to find these} drapery clips, and the occasional rod I pick up at a yard sale I can dress a window while my boys watch “How it’s Made” and be done in time to have a snack ready. And so can you!
I don’t even need to go into the details for you expert mistreaters {you know who you are} but, for everyone else, this is a double mistreatment. The first layer is a topper. I ripped the fabric to get a strait line and avoid the painstaking task of having to lift those heavy scissors and cut. Then, I folded, tacked, folded, tacked, folded, tacked. The top part was done.

The side panel was part of a pair I made for my old room. We only had one window. Now we have three windows in our room. I split up the pair and flanked the room with them and they kind of frame the bed. Wow, I just saved myself two panels!

I didn’t have enough fabric for 2 full panels so I used some remnants from my bed skirt. What a great solution to what could seem like a big problem. Remember there are not problems when decorating–only opportunities to be creative! When using two fabrics on a window try to make it about 2/3rds one fabric and 1/3rd the other fabric–that is more pleasing to the eye as they say but, I think it’s more pleasing to both eyes.

I’m so glad that I didn’t have enough fabric–if not I wouldn’t have added that extra punch on the bottom. I just hot glued it. Yes, I hot glued silk. I hot glued $35 dollar a yard silk. Stop the world. I was done in 2.2 minutes and it looks great. If I every want to take it apart and use the fabric for something else, I can just peel off the glue. I even glued on the fringe to cover the glue seam.

Try to ignore the bright orb in the window. It took me 3 days to get these pictures and they aren’t even good. I hope you can see everything ok! If you are totally enthralled with our bedroom, you can read more about it here.